4 Creative Birthday Gifts for Faraway Loved Ones

words Alexa Wang

If someone you care about has a birthday coming up and you are far away, you might be wondering how you can truly make it special. Of course, you can send a card or phone them, but maybe you want to do something different this year.

The ideas below can help you inject some new life into your birthday ideas and give your friend or family member something truly memorable.

Online Experiences

Whether your loved one’s dream is to cook a meal with a favorite celebrity chef, study fiction with a beloved writer or simply enjoy a virtual cocktail party with friends, there is a service online that can arrange it for you. The world of virtual experiences has exploded, and you can enjoy watching a concert, solving a mystery or fighting your way out of an escape room without leaving the comfort of your own home. Depending on the experience you choose, these are activities that the birthday honoree can enjoy on their own or with a group.

Creative Birthday Gifts


A flower subscription service is a unique way to give a gift all through the year and puts a new twist an old idea. You can send flowers on their birthday, but you can also do so much more. For example, there is a guide that shows you the top 10 selections for the best birthday flowers. It also explains special meanings and why the flower is popular. This goes far beyond simply clicking on a random bouquet and allows you to put some real thought into the flowers that you choose, ensuring you can get something that reflects your relationship and who the person is.

Snail Mail

You might have considered and dismissed the idea of a card as boring, but what if you took the time to write and send an actual letter? In these days of social media exchanges and text messages, even an email seems like a quaint product of another time, and a letter is extraordinarily rare. When you sit down to write a letter, you are telling someone that you truly value them and are taking out the time to show them that. If you’ve never really written a letter or you’ve lost the habit, you might wonder where to begin and what to write about. Tell them about something interesting or beautiful you saw on a walk recently, or write about something funny. Since this is their birthday, you might even want to talk about a favorite memory of them. Keep it upbeat and positive.

Creative Birthday Gifts

Make a Gift

If you are a knitter, a jewelry-maker or crafty in any other way, consider making your loved one a gift. There is nothing quite like a scarf that a dear friend has taken the time to knit for you. If you don’t craft but you bake, what about sending a loaf of bread or a box of cookies? If your creativity lies more in the area of music or art, you could even think about writing them a song, painting them a picture or writing a poem. If your expertise lies in graphic design, consider making a one-of-a-kind design and have it printed on a phone case. It will make for a thoughtful keepsake that they can take with them anywhere and a useful gift that will protect an expensive investment. 


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