4 reasons you don’t need new furniture to redecorate your home

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There are some folks who are happy to buy brand new bedroom suites and living room furnishings for their homes every couple of years.

While there’s nothing wrong with giving your home a new look, it’s highly impractical for most to toss out perfectly good furniture just because it’s a bit dated.

You can move your furniture around and try to make the room feel different, but shifting around heavy bedframes and bureaus can also be quite inconvenient. With the help of Love Stickers, however, it is possible to change the vibe and give your home a fresh, new feeling in the course of a single afternoon. So, get ready to redecorate your home without breaking a sweat by using these four convenient tips.

redecorate your home

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  1. Switch Up Your Colour Scheme

The colours that appear throughout your home can be bold, understated or even muted, but they’ve got to be present. It can be the key to how to decorate a house on a budget. What this means is that you need a lot more than just a splash of colour here and there to make things stand out and get noticed. Instead of adding black throw pillows to your brown couch, find an orange throw blanket instead. Use different hues of similar colours to make each room in your home dance in an incredibly unique way. For all of the rooms featuring signature wood furniture pieces, you’ll really want to play up on the colour and various textures even more. Use fabric with textures so vibrant that you can nearly feel them with your eyes, and don’t forget about using patterns to make your interior decorations truly pop.

  1. Utilise Wall Decals

The only thing worse than a poorly decorated room are completely bare walls. If you don’t want to put up framed pictures, then you can use wall decals to help make your personality come alive. The wall stickers you put up can provide words of comfort and encouragement to your family or they can explain to visitors that you’re a diehard gamer. Make your home a work of art by including wall decals in every room. It will give visitors something to discover as they travel throughout your home, but more importantly it will make your home finally feel like it belongs to you.

  1. Realise the Power of Area Rugs

While changing the flooring in your home might make things feel fresher, it also requires the assistance of a general contractor. If your goal is simply to spruce up your place a bit, you can layer on some nifty area rugs and make the whole place look snazzy again. IB Flooring recommend laying down some high traffic carpeting to preserve your hardwood floors in the hallways and close to the front door. Throw some fuzzy area rugs around your bed so that you’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud when you get up in the morning. Area rugs can make a room feel bigger, cosier, and impressive if they match the room furnishings and other fine details.

  1. Add More Accessories

Some people make plans to redecorate their home when in reality, they’re actually decorating them for the first time. If the mantle above your fireplace is collecting dust and all of your book shelves are empty, you need some knick-knacks and accessories, pronto. Remember that home interior accessories are supposed to be a miss-mosh of all the things that you find interesting. Go with an outdoors theme, complete with a moosehead and plenty of plaid flannel throw pillows if that’s your thing, but there is no limit on what else you can include.

Use candles to create more dramatic themes, change the lighting by hanging an antique chandelier, or just get a few new lamp shades. It’s your home, so decorate it any way you want. No new furniture is necessary to make your home feel more stylish. When you’re begining to re-decorate your home make sure you prepare a skip, take a look at Skip hire services in Benfleet. Somewhere to dump debris will be needed when you redesign your home.

Also, realise that there’s no time limit on how long you take to redecorate your home. It can take you a day or even a year to get everything exactly right. In fact, your home might be in a constant state of change and fluctuation as you add and take away elements. As long as it feels comfortable to you, there’s nothing else that matters when you want to redecorate your home with style.



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