6 Tips on Graduation Outfit under Gown that Will Take You Royalty

words Alexa Wang

Graduation Outfit

The end of the school year is one of the most exciting times of the year. It is a place to unwind after a long day of school, activities, meeting deadlines, and rising early. Nothing beats the anticipation of graduating from middle school, high school, or university.

It’s a relief to know that you’ve overcome all of the challenges and difficulties that come with being a student. As you walk up to the stage, accept your diploma, and realize that all of your hard work has paid off, you will smile. Here are six graduation gown tips to help you feel like royalty and confident.

1. Wearing an Appropriate Top

Men should wear collared dress shirts with ties. It will be the best option for a boys’ top. It will make them appear more professional, neat, and clean. White will stand out against a black gown and is an excellent choice for a dress shirt. Boys will appear charming and clean. For women, a scoop-neck top with a collared blouse paired with a short skirt is a good choice, or you can choose something with a more modest cut as long as you are comfortable with what you are wearing.

2. Pick out Right Bottoms

Short vintage dresses and white lace dress is a good choice for women too. Wearing bright colors skirts or dresses is acceptable if you are wearing a dress or skirt for women that will not be seen below the hem of the gown. Furthermore, skirts should not be bulky or more than A-line in style, as these puffy skirts can add volume to the gown.

3. Dress based on the Weather

The convocation robes or gown are quite thick and can add temperature and humidity. So, dress lightly so you don’t overheat and sweat during the ceremony. Wear something that will make you feel at ease during the ceremony. However, if you are in a cooler climate, wear some heavier clothing that also screams formality and that you are comfortable wearing.

4. Choose the best shoes

If it is raining, wear shoes that can withstand a little moisture. To look professional during the graduation ceremony, both men and women should wear closed-toe dress shoes rather than sandals. You should also bring an extra pair of shoes in case your other pair gets damaged, or a pair of shoes that you can replace wearing if you become uncomfortable later in the ceremony. Even if the ceremony is indoors, wear shoes that will not sink awkwardly into the dirt, but avoid sneakers and rain boots. Women should not feel pressed by the heels they are wearing; keep in mind that you will be standing for an extended period of time; women should wear medium high heels or flats.

5. Be Confident

Be confident in whatever you wear as long as it is comfortable and appropriate for the occasion, which is the graduation. If you are not confident, no matter how attractive you are or how perfect your outfit is, it will not look beautiful. When you smile and bring it with fashion and elegance, your dress will give you a royalty look. It’s your day, and you earned it, so enjoy it.

6. Enjoy the day

You’ve been looking forward to this ceremony for a long time; cherish the moment. It’s just a day to celebrate your success, so live with it. All of your efforts have paid off, so enjoy the day and remember that you are one of the main characters in that celebration. Make it a day to remember and recognize it as a gift.

Graduations are full of laughter and fun, and at the end of the day, you will look through your photos taken during the ceremony, after the ceremony, and during the celebration. This is a real sense of accomplishment, so dress appropriately and comfortably. Use these tips to avoid regret and to be happy while treasuring and cherishing the moment. These pointers may also inspire you to look like royalty or fabulous at a once-in-a-lifetime success.


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