Thinking of taking a cruise trip? – Top Tips for First Time Travellers

Thinking of taking a cruise trip? – Top Tips for First Time Travellers – words Andre Wahlberg

Choosing a holiday can be tricky, and lots of travellers look to cruises as a way of getting all their holiday priorities in one package. Cruises combine so many different destinations with the comfort of staying in one place.

So if you are thinking of taking a cruise trip this post takes a look at some of the issues first-time cruisers always ask.

Is it Safe?

From potential hazards like norovirus occurring in enclosed spaces, fires or running aground, people have concerns about the safety of cruising. Some people may worry, but the risks are very minimal in this advanced age; there are so many constantly updating rules and regulations in place for tour operators to keep passengers safe, as well as international safety standards cruises must adhere to.

How do I Pick the Right Cruise?

Having a great cruise holiday is down to choosing the right cruise package for you. Work out your priorities and think about the following when you’re searching for your ideal holiday:

  • Kids facilities
    Crèches and kids’ clubs can occupy your children while you relax
  • Activities
    From surfing to art classes, there’s always a lot of variety.
  • Entertainment
    Onshore excursions, music, and theatrical performances are just some of the things you can expect.
  • Destinations

If there’s somewhere you’re desperate to go, cruising can help you make the most of it by taking you to multiple places like the Caribbean or the Mediterranean

  • Budget options
    Contrary to popular belief, you can cruise on a budget – it’s all about research.
  • Solo-friendly cruising
    Singles or solo cruises aren’t hard to come by, with lots of tour operators running adults-only cruises for solo travellers.

Will There Be Something for Me?

There are lots of different types of cruises to choose from, whether you’re looking for something family friendly with lots to keep children occupied or you want an adults-only late getaway.

Don’t be put off by preconceptions; you can of course go for luxury cruises, but budget options are available too. You certainly won’t get bored with all the things going on both on board and in port, it’s just a matter of taste.


When it comes to cruises, there are often questions from first-timers about whether or not you’ll get seasickness. As most cruise ships are so vast, they have greater stability than smaller vessels like ferries.

Cruise ships are kitted out with radar and other technology to help them avoid storms and rough waters, so it’s unlikely your ride will be very bumpy. If you are concerned about nausea, consult your doctor or pharmacist before you travel.

So, plan your cruise carefully in advance and do your research for happy sailing.

Thinking of taking a cruise trip? – Top Tips for First Time Travellers – words Andre Wahlberg


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