Must-have holographic accessories for your next music festival

Must-have holographic accessories for your next music festival – words Al Woods

Music festivals promise an unforgettable party with a few thousand of your closest friends. Whether you’re a first-timer or a professional festival-goer, you want to be ready for whatever experience the party throws your way.

At music festivals, it’s not just what you listen to, but your festival look that matters and holographic is that look. From dancing at Coachella to thrashing around at Lollapalooza, having the right gear ensures that you’re ready for the party of a lifetime. Here are some must-have accessories that you need at your next music festival.


A Fanny Pack

Don’t let the haters convince you that fanny packs are a fashion faux pas from days gone by – they’re a necessity for getting the most out of your music festival experience. The last thing you want to do while pushing your way through thousands of people or trying to enjoy yourself is worrying about carrying a purse or backpack. In fact, there are lots of festivals that don’t even allow bulky bags through the door.

If you want to party with the best of them, get a rave fanny pack. The holographic finish takes your blast from the past to the fashion future, where the music is loud, the party is hopping, and your hands are free to throw in the air.

Heart-shaped Glasses

Like the holographic fanny pack, heart-shaped glasses are fun and functional. Bonus if they’re rose-colored glasses that bring out your inner Woodstock. Look for heart-shaped glasses that have UV protection, in addition to the holographic awesomeness. These will protect your eyes as you sit outside all day in the sweltering sun. Don’t need them? Put them in your fanny pack.

You’ll also want to look for lenses that are light enough that you can wear them as day turns into night; you’re just that kind of party-goer.

Eye-catching Eyeglasses Chain

To non-festival-goers, an eyeglasses chain may fall in the same column as fanny packs for “things our grandparents used to wear.” However, they don’t make these chains like they used to. You want beads and bangles? You’ve got them. Pink flamingos on a gold chain? Find those here. Wooden beads reminiscent of central American art? Done.

An eyeglasses chain keeps your heart-shaped glasses close while doubling as an accessory. Holographic beads bring the look together flawlessly.

Don’t Forget a Hat

It’s time to let your freak flag fly, and wear a hat that showcases your personality. The boho-chic types will enjoy a classy straw hat or oversized floppy hat. Ravers and attention-grabbers can use this excuse to brush off their favorite fedora or bucket hat. Look for hats that are entirely holographic or have holographic accent pieces.

Wear a hat that you love that you aren’t afraid to lose. Again, you’ll want function as well as fashion. Protect your head from the elements so that your party time isn’t cut short by an inconvenient case of heat stroke.

A Hydration Pack

Carrying a hydration pack is what sets apart the festival dabblers from the pros. Drinks are expensive. Line-ups are long. Storage is limited. Strapping a hydration pack to your back ensures that you’re fuelled for the long haul and don’t have to worry about repeated trips to the vendor tent (only the port-a-potty).

Yes – before you ask – you can get hydration packs that will showcase your love of all things holographic and rave-worthy. Use it to showcase stickers, buttons, and patches from your past festival experiences. If nothing else, it’s a great icebreaker.

Music festivals are meant to be a fun-filled free for all and having the right gear can ensure you are safe and comfortable so that you can proceed with care-free abandon. Spend enough that your products last, but don’t get too attached – they may not make it home with you!


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