Why Is The EU Launching A New Travel Authorization System?

words Al Woods

There has always been a standard way to travel from place to place: get a passport, get a visa, book a flight and go. And in some countries, due to past agreements, they might not require a permit. The EU had such contracts with some nations, but that is changing. And below are some of the reasons why the EU is bringing forth a new travel authorization come to the end of 2022.

The ETIAS is an acronym for European Travel Information and Authorization System. It is a fully electronic system that allows and tracks visitors from countries where visas are not required to join the Schengen Zone. It resembles the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) in the United States, operating the same.



The authorization of the ETIAS official approval is primarily motivated by security concerns. The EU wants to make sure safe passage in its regions, given the growing risk of travelers worldwide.

Through its data and information assembling structures, the ETIAS will significantly reduce security risks. This implies that the ETIAS will detect if a person presents as a risk to the Schengen countries’ safety in just about any way. As a result, the person will be barred access, attempting to avoid the risk of being caught inside EU borders. It will essentially solve a problem before it arises.

Reduce time wastages in customs and immigration checks

Yet another big thing that the EU wants to save on is the time used in the routine immigration checks that have been in play for decades. Before, whenever you got to any checkpoint, your data was keyed in a fresh, and the officer at that station had to check your information afresh. This took a lot of time, and the new authorization system reduced this time wastage.

Improve border management in the EU

With one spider network of data shared among the EU countries, the security concern and checks will be significantly improved. Border patrols and assessments will be more efficient. This means that once you get approved from one entry station, the other checks will simply be a 5-minute stop and not something that will take longer.


Impediment of erratic travel

If a person has been traveling to a war-torn country or another dubious location, the EU would like to know more. The reason for this is to nip terrorism and other harmful activity in the bud before it grows out of control. If you are genuinely innocent and your travels are legal, such as traveling as medical aid, you will need to be approved and show proof of your legitimate whereabouts. You can get more information here www.etias.org.

Who needs this visa?

Al non-EU residents will need to get the ETIAS digital approval. The procedure is well laid out on the website and streamlined to help you get the entire process done in a few steps. It will cost you around 7 euros or about 9 dollars.

It is supposed to take full effect at the end of 2022, and the registration per traveler is to last for three years; after that, you will have to register again.


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