How to Clean After Your Pet at Home

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Clean Pet

Every pet owner out there knows the struggle of having to deal with their beloved companion’s incessant shedding inside the house. With both cats and dogs, cuddle sessions and happy playtime can quickly turn into endless cleaning, dusting, and de-furring of fabrics and clothes.

Pets are essentially like children; you feed them, bathe them, and in the end, are forced to clean up after their mess. Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions and products that simplify the cleaning process, making it more convenient than ever before. Let’s take a look at how you can clean after your frisky, four-legged ball of fur.

Train Your Pet First

Particularly if you have a long-haired animal who tends to shed a lot, you can limit the damage by training your pet to stay off fabric furniture, seats, sofas, and beds. This can be achieved by a reward system where you direct your pet off furniture without force; order them to sit and stay and reward them with a treat. Slowly, the pet will begin to associate this behavior positively. Sure, it will certainly require dedication and practice, but it can be an effective first step in keeping your interior hair-free and reducing the time you typically spend on cleaning chores.

Robot Vacuum

Clean house Pet

Once the damage is already done, you’ll want a household appliance that removes any balls of furs laying around on the floor, regardless of your flooring type—be it hardwood, HDF, tiles, or linoleum. And what could be more reliable than a convenient, automated Roomba vacuum to do the job? While there are dozens of models out there with different specs and price tags, this helpful guide will allow you to get familiar with what’s on the market and help you make a successful purchase. In any case, consulting specialized and comparative online guides is a great step towards equipping your home with the right products and appliances.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Investing in an upright vacuum cleaner will allow you to remove dust, dirt, and pet hair all at once. They’re appropriate for all kinds of surfaces, and their impressive suction power will be an asset to all pet owners. Depending on your budget as well as the size of your home, you can get a model that comes with different adjustable head mounts to get into all corners. Ultimately, it might scare off your dear pet, but it’s effective!

Rubber Gloves

More often than not, simplicity and affordability will do the job. Rubber gloves are generally well-stocked household essentials found in any home and can be surprisingly effective when it comes to removing animal fur. You can use them to get into places that are hard to access, such as between furniture, under a couch, and the likes. Simply put on a pair of gloves and lightly dampen them in lukewarm water to make them adhere. As such, always make sure to keep those handy (no pun intended).

Rubber Broom

Especially if you live in a large house with many pets, we suggest that you ditch the traditional broom and dustpan and invest in a special rubber broom. These are particularly popular among pet owners as they work wonders on hardwood and linoleum, removing hair and dust with disconcerting ease. Relatively affordable, you can find a suitable model online or with a visit to your local pet shop.

Lint Roller

In reality, pet hair has an uncontrollable tendency to gather on and stick to clothes, regardless of the type of fabric. It’s a good thing they’re inexpensive and widely available. You can set one by the door to spruce yourself up on your way out before you leave the house; don’t forget to pass it on your backside since you can pick up fur from sitting on hair-covered furniture. For even more convenience, there’s a special kind of sticky lint removers that are easy to clean and reuse.


If you don’t have a lint roller handy, worry not; there’s an easy fix. A simple piece of scotch tape wrapped around your hand (sticky side out) will enable you to remove excess hair on your clothes easily by rubbing. Alternatively, use a patting motion. The tape will lose its stickiness as you do, so don’t hesitate to use a new piece until you achieve satisfactory results.

Our pets occupy such a special place in our hearts and homes that we’re willing to put up with their never-ending shedding and mess. With these useful recommendations, you’ll be able to clean your home effectively and ensure that your interiors, furniture, upholstery, carpets, and clothes are fur-free.


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