Monos Discuss How To Choose The Absolute Best Luggage For Your Needs

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One would never expect to see so many various styles, shades and shapes of luggage until you have actually begun shopping for perfect luggage. In order to help you choose the best luggage for your needs, we have created a list that will help you know exactly what you should be looking for.

Best Luggage

Hard Shell Luggage

If it is essential that the contents of your suitcase be priority, it is best to skip over any soft case luggage and choose the hardshell. Make no mistake about it, your luggage is going to be rough handled at the airport. You can expect it to be thrown and tossed from one cargo hold to the next. When you have luggage with a hard exoskeleton it is going to minimize any of the contents being broken or damaged. To protect your suitcase from the outside a luggage cover will keep your suitcase as good as new.


One of the main reasons many people dislike hard cases is the fact that they are simply not flexible are able to offer just a little bit of extra room, which is especially needed on the way back home when you have extra contents such as souvenirs. However, there have been a number of advances in case design that allow for additional panels of fabric that are able to be unzipped when more space is required. When choosing a hard case always make sure that it has an expandable option.

Built-In Compartments

When choosing a piece of luggage you want to find one that offers separate sections for various types of clothing, smaller pockets for accessories and electronics, as well as alas the sized security traps to ensure that you have the best in packing. You can also use packing cubes. However, before you ultimately purchase that piece of luggage always ensure that all of the zippers and closures work correctly.

Pull Tabs and Hefty Zippers

I think it can be said without a doubt that not all zippers have been created equal. While searching for the best piece of luggage you always want to find the larger tooth zippers, these offer a much sturdier structure that will allow for the general wear and tear of travel as well as minimize the risk of them popping open during the journey. Additionally, try to seek out a case that offers a good-sized pull tab for a smoother zip.

Best Luggage

Purchase A Complete Set

Every travel destination is going to offer various packing plans. For a quick overnight business trip you more than likely will not need the 100 leaders suitcase. Likewise, for a weeklong safari, you will typically need something more suitable. It is much better to purchase a set in advance as it will be a more cost-effective option as opposed to purchasing individual pieces.

You are now armed with the best information on purchasing the right suitcase for your destination, now go ahead and travel!


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