How To Enjoy the Outdoors During Cold Climates

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Enjoy Outdoors

Regardless of where you live, low temperatures are no reason to stay locked up indoors! Sure, you might very well prefer the coziness and warmth of your living room over the chill, but there is still a lot to be done and enjoyed outside in cold weather.

In that chilly spirit, and without further ado, here are some excellent ideas for activities and pastimes that will make you relinquish the feeling of being outdoors when it’s not summertime.

Put Up House Decorations

Most of us often associate the cold climate with winter and Christmas. In truth, nothing screams holiday celebrations like a nicely lit and adorned home facade. So, head to your garage, and take out those Christmas decoration boxes. Wreath, string and web lights, lawn figures, holiday flags, you name it. Make it a group exercise where everybody can pitch in for guaranteed family fun! Careful on those ladders, though.

Throw an Outdoor Party

Even if Christmas is weeks away or months behind, gather your friends and relatives for a nice party in your patio, backyard, or outdoor kitchen. There’s nothing quite like having company over, sipping hot chocolate, and recounting anecdotes. Now, an outdoor get-together on a chilly night will inevitably require a heat source to let everyone enjoy some warmth. If your home isn’t equipped yet, you can look into acquiring a practical propane fire pit; they’re super elegant and offer considerable advantages over traditional pits. A quick search for specialized review guides will help you select a suitable model for your backyard.


If you’ve got an eye for it, then why not consider an early evening stroll to capture some great photographs? Whether it’s raining, snowing, or just cold, outdoor photography during winter can be a formidable pastime for those who are creative-oriented. It’ll allow you to engage with different perspectives, subjects, light forms, and more. Make sure your camera has an adequate waterproof casing, and don’t hesitate to adjust your settings (shutter speed, aperture, ISO) to get an optimal image quality. 

Ice Skating

Granted, this one is largely overplayed, but ice skating is an iconic winter activity for the whole family. It can be practiced in both indoor and outdoor rinks, or on natural ponds or lakes (with precaution). Rent out some skates or buy some used, bundle up, and enjoy the gliding fun! You probably won’t be able to pull off a triple Axel like Tonya Harding, but it’s bound to be a lot of fun, especially when you’re teaching your toddler how to maintain balance on the ice.


Did you know that ice hockey is one of the national sports in Canada and Latvia? Since you’re already at the rink, use the opportunity to compete in a game of hockey with your friends and relatives. Never played before? No worries; hockey is fairly straightforward and easy to pick up. However, it does require more equipment and gear, such as a cross, protection pads, and helmets (yes, because falls can really hurt!).

Enjoy Outdoors

Snowball Fights

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area that experiences heavy winter snows, then an old-fashioned snow fight will not only hit the spot, it’ll also bring back some childhood memories. There’s just something special about making balls of solid water and throwing them at each other. It’s guaranteed excitement, and it’ll enable you to sharpen your aiming skills and eye-hand coordination. The kids will love it!


In a similar vein, sledding might be seen as a juvenile activity, but in fact, even the adults will rejoice. Sleds can be found in any sports gear shops or online for cheap, and if your state is favorable, you’ll find plenty of hills to slide on. Not only is it fun, but it’s a great workout, too; climbing up will burn off some energy while sliding down will release endorphins, even some adrenaline depending on how fast you’re going.


Last but not least, for any athletes and enthusiasts in the crowd, winter months are the ideal time for skiing. If you live in a heavy snow state, head to the nearest mountainside to experience the open, quiet landscapes and enjoy the freedom of gliding down on snow. Even for those with no experience, skiing can be taken up with very minimal training. Make sure to bring your gear or rent some at the local center.

All in all, there’s 1001 ways to enjoy the great, cold outdoors. Whether you’re the creative or sporty type, loner or family man, you’re bound to find an activity that will warm up your heart in chilly weather.


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