Going on a day hike? Don’t miss these awesome tips

Going on a day hike? Don’t miss these awesome tips – words Al Woods

Hiking is a unique way to tour new places and blend into the tides of nature. Day hiking is the most common way of exploring the adjacent environment and this experience should be nothing short of spectacular.

To enjoy getting lost in the woods, hiking adventurous trails or crossing some daring suspension bridges; it’s necessary to have the best of gear, outdoor accessories and some hiking rules at your fingertips. Below are some awesome day hiking tips to always keep in mind.

long walkDress and pack for the occasion

Hiking is full of surprises. Every time you’re preparing to hike the mountain trails, valleys or forest vegetation; remember you’re intruding some untamed environs and proper preparation is key. Always do some research about the hiking trail you’re about to explore. Certain places would have dangerous wild animals while others would have amazing plant and animal species. Weather, security, and natural hazards are some of the things to prepare for- just in case. Appropriate clothing such as hiking boots, raincoat, sun cap, windbreakers, and insulation layers are also important.

Choose the right backpack

Everyone wants to look their best with a nice backpack that’s trendy, functional and versatile. A typical day hike, backpack is ultra-light, super comfortable and has enough capacity to carry plenty of essentials. The best backpack for day hiking comes with a number of important features that guarantees a unique and comfortable hiking experience. The perfect size for a day hiking backpack would be 18 to 25 liters. It should have side pockets for convenient access and well-designed inner compartments. Again, the straps should be well-positioned for easy adjustment and suspension.

hikingCarry plenty of water

Since you’ll be sweating a lot, it’s important to keep your body hydrated at all times. If you’ll be hiking for hours, chances are you’ll have refill points, otherwise, carry a sizeable water bottle. If the refill points are some underground wells or river sources, invest in a functional and lightweight water purifier.

First-aid kit

Regardless of the exercises and challenge courses done prior to the outdoor expedition, fatigue and injuries cannot be entirely ruled out. This makes it a necessity to carry a first-aid kit every time you’re out hiking. You can also share a first-aid kit with your hiking group if you can’t carry one.

Hiking checklist

A hiking checklist is all you need to ensure everything important is properly addressed. By creating a checklist, you’ll find it easy to spot and pack the small and seemingly insignificant things such as navigation tools, insect repellents, and other personal essentials. Without a checklist, be sure to forget some hiking gear and accessories. It’s always difficult to remember everything at once, especially when you’re in a hurry and overwhelmed by the flow of events.

Depending on where and when you’ll go hiking, there any other things you can add to the hiking list to make the adventure a lifetime experience. Walkie-talkies, pair of binoculars, a camera, outdoor journal or a writing pad is some of the personal items you can choose to carry with you.

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