Back to the Future – Mens coats for winter

Back to the Future – Mens coats for winter – words Alexa Wang

Central to any man’s autumn/winter wardrobe is a good coat. If you are warm and dry, you always look better than when you are wringing wet, and trying not to shiver with the cold.

Sometimes we forget that clothes are not just there for show, they have a function too. A good coat is an essential if you want to get through the winter without getting man flu.

Fortunately, for 2016, there are some great looking and good quality men’s winter coats available. Below is our roundup of some of the best.


Bomber Jackets

For AW16, the iconic bomber jacket is set to be popular, with plenty of interesting variations of this classic design hitting the shelves. Most designers have included at least one traditional looking bomber jacket in their collection, but many have had a bit of fun with this iconic look.

This year you will find leather, two tone and padded versions available in many collections. It is good to see designers offering this fantastic jacket in wind and shower resistant fabrics, with the option of a zip out hood. This attention to detail makes this old favourite more practical and suitable for use in all weathers.

The Trusty Parka

The trend for parka coats comes and goes, and in 2016, they are definitely hot property. You can expect to see a lot of men wearing them.

This year, menswear designers have taken the basic cut, and had some fun with it. For example, some have included a fishtail in their design, but have opted to make these jackets mid-length rather than full length a design twist that works surprisingly well.

All versions of this iconic coats feature hoods, but not all of them are fur-lined. Being able to buy one without this detail is good. After all not everyone likes that look, and the fur has a tendency to obscure your vision when the hood is worn up. For 2016, many designers have decided to offer the option of detaching the hood.

A More Tailored Look

These coats will keep you warm and are great for everyday wear, or for work. However, if you want to be truly on trend, you also need to buy a tailored style of jacket. For 2016, smart is back in fashion.

Fortunately, you do not have to opt for a suit style jacket to work this trend. Instead, you can opt to buy a three quarter length overcoat, or double breasted coat that has been cut to provide a more tailored fit.

If that look is still too formal for you try something in leather instead. Biker jackets also fit snugly. There are plenty available this year.

Puffer Jackets

Given the trend for closer fitting coats, you will be surprised to learn that one the hottest coat styles for 2016 is the puffer jacket. But, they have had a radical makeover.

In the past wearing a puffer or down coat meant looking a bit like you were wearing a bed quilt. For 2016, the puffer jacket has gone on a diet.

This year’s versions are made from thinner material. They contain slightly less filling, and the stitching is closer together. All of these design tweaks help to get rid of the bulk and give this year’s puffer jackets a smarter, more slim line look.

Outerwear is an element of your look that is well worth investing in. To look good in 2016, you need a coat that fits well as well as keeps you warm and dry.

Back to the Future – Mens coats for winter – words Alexa Wang



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