What you need to do this summer before starting Grad School

What you need to do this summer before starting Grad School – words Al Woods 

While you may have thought that the transition from high school to college was big, the transition from undergrad to graduate school is even bigger! Preparing for graduate school can be a time-consuming and difficult process and the summer is bound to pass before you even know it.

This is why it is important that you take advantage of the time that you have in the months before fall to ensure that your transition to grad school is as smooth as it possibly can be. Below you can find what you need to do this summer before starting grad school.


Go Travelling

Just finished your undergrad course? Then this is the time to treat yourself and use the start of your summer months to go on vacation! Preparing for grad school and then grad school itself are very demanding of your time and so this is most likely the last chance that you will get to take a well-deserved break. Escape for a while and visit new cities and cultures.

Sort Out Your Finances

A very important step that you need to take before starting grads school is sporting out your finances! Grad school is a huge financial undertaking and so you will need to know exactly how much it is that you are paying and work out a plan to pay off your grad school tuition. We would recommend making a monthly budget to stick to which should include your necessities such as food and rent and then see how much can go towards paying off your education fees.

Get Organised

One of the biggest obstacles that you will be facing to get into grad school is passing any exams that are in place to get into your desired course. First you need to find the right course on that graduate school finder. The GRE is a common exam that many students have to pass to go to grad school and this takes a lot of hard work, time and studying to pass which is why it is so important that you are organised. To prepare, you will need to ensure that you study hard and take many practice tests. If you are taking the GRE, you can find reviews of the best prep courses available at www.testprepselect.com/best-gre-test-prep-course.

Jump Start Your Career

If you have the time over the summer, this is the perfect opportunity to get a head start on your career and boost your resume. Try and get a summer internship as this will give you relevant experience in your industry, work with senior staff and you can narrow down exactly what aspects of the job you like and what you don’t so you know what to focus on as a graduate. You’ll find that you probably won’t have the time to do this once the school year starts and you have coursework to juggle too! Plus, since you’ve graduated college already, you’ll have a high chance of bagging yourself an internship.

Follow these top tips to have a stress-free start to your graduate school degree!

What you need to do this summer before starting Grad School – words Al Woods


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