5 most stylish cars for 2017 that won’t smash your budget

5 most stylish cars for 2017 that won’t smash your budget – words Alan Woods

For motoring enthusiasts, driving a car isn’t merely a case of getting from one place to another, or from A to B as it’s commonly known. The real joy of motoring lies in the vehicle you drive.

Getting behind the wheel of a stylish car remains the dream for many of us. It’s a fair bet that all of us have a dream motor, a stylish car to which we aspire to own and experience.

The reality check is that, unless you’re wealthy or at the very least extremely well off, the best vehicles in the market are miles out of reach. You’re never going to get anywhere near the motors on this list from The Drive. But that doesn’t mean stylish motoring is unachievable – far from it.

Here’s a selection of five stylish cars you can buy without smashing your budget and breaking the bank; in fact, you can expect to pay less than £10,000 for them, although prices obviously vary depending on where you’d buy from. We search out the best looking affordable cars. These examples aren’t all fresh off the forecourt as brand new – after all, there are plenty of classic bargains to be had if you’re prepared to dip into the used market.

Audi TT Coupe

Sporty, sleek and stylish, the Audi TT is a proper little head turner and it certainly ages well. It has to be one of the best dream motors cars. It’s not exactly roomy inside and the rear seats are small, but for an indulgent drive and value for money you can’t go far wrong. Parkers list used Audi TTs as being priced from as low as just over £5,000; for that budget you’ll probably get a ten-year-old model with mileage of 80,000 upwards but it will still draw admiring glances.

Porsche Boxster

Forget it, pal – you can’t afford a Porsche! Actually, you can. While a 911 will set you back at least £70-80,000, drop into vintage Porsche Boxter territory and you could pick one up for an absolute snip. We found several Boxters for sale at around the £3,000 mark on Autotrader, though at this price range expect to be looking at pre-2000 registration vehicles with a relatively high mileage. Even so, you’ll be the owner of a bona fide classic, not to mention one of the most iconic badges in motoring history.

Range Rover

Stylish comes in many forms, and is certainly not limited to zippy sports cars. If you’re in search of a larger vehicle for everyday use – and one which can ferry the whole family around – and still carries an element of class, a Range Rover it is. This is a top-quality, luxury drive, equally at home off road as it is cruising around town. A quick browse on the Pistonheads website revealed Range Rovers for sale from as little as £1,995. Miles on the clock will be north of 100,000 – in fact some might be creeping closer to 150,000 – but Range Rovers are resilient as well as impressive.

BMW 1 Series

A whole lot of fun to drive, this funky hatchback is a great used purchase and the diesel version offers excellent fuel economy. BMW Approved Used Cars have vehicles available from around £7,000 upwards, and for that kind of money you can pick up a 5 door model which is seven or eight years old and with around 30-40,000 miles on the clock. That’s not bad at all, especially when the 1 Series sits in a relatively low insurance group – consult RAC car insurance for more details.

Volkswagen Golf

The Golf has enduring appeal and it’s always been a coveted model. It has to go down as one of the most stylish affordable cars. If you’re looking for a decent-sized vehicle – one which can ferry a family around without necessarily being a large ‘family’ car – that also sports a sense of style, the Golf may be ideal. Brand new models are priced at upwards of £20,000 but as AutoExpress reports, it’s possible to pick up a 2013 Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI Bluemotion with relatively low mileage and top-class efficiency for a few quid less than £9,000.

5 most stylish cars for 2017 that won’t smash your budget – words Alan Woods




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