Swimwear styles for 2016 that fit the trends

Swimwear styles for 2016 that fit the trends – words Alexa Wang

There is nothing better than finding a new swimsuit to usher in the summer months.

But how do you know what is the best style for you? You will want to find something that is both fashionable and comfortable. The following are several great Swimwear styles for 2016 that you will definitely want to consider.



Now, while denim is not really a material that many people associate with swimsuits it is incredibly popular this summer season. If you like the look, you should definitely look into those all American styles that are meant to withstand the water while you enjoy swimming and other outdoor activities.


The cutaway look is for those that like to be a little daring with their fashion. You will love the cutaway silhouette and the very chic high neckline. To really get the most from your money, you will want to pair your cutaway with a pair of high waist jeans for a fun look away from the water.

Island Florals

If you are looking to make a big statement with your swimwear this summer, then you should definitely consider going for a bold, island, floral print. You will be surprised at how many fun prints are available   there for you to choose from.


You will totally be able to master the surfer look if you opt for a neoprene suit. Ideal for surfing as well as a whole range of outdoor activities, you could also just wear neoprene whilst chilling out in the water.  It’s not the best choice for sunbathing though, as it can get quite hot.

Plunging Neckline

You will most definitely be turning heads if you opt to buy a plunging neckline swimsuit. They truly make a bold statement both in and out of the water. No matter if you are going swimming or pairing your suit with another piece for a sexy nighttime look, you are going to look great.

Off the Shoulder

Off the shoulder is another rather daring look that is on trend this summer. There are a wide variety of prints and colors that you can select from that will look fantastic both in and out of the water

High Cut

If you have great legs, why not show them off with a retro high cut suit? The great thing about this swimsuit style is that is flatters a wide variety of body types. So if you are daring enough, go for it! You definitely won’t regret it. Just remember your bikini trimmer if you plan on going with this style so you look your absolute best.


If you are looking for something simple when it comes to a swimsuit, a minimalist swimsuit would be perfect for you with its delicate colors and shapes.

These are really just the start of the fantastic swimsuit styles that are on trend this summer. You just need to find what suits your body and then go have some fun in the sun. Who knows you might find more than one style you like depending on where you are heading this summer.

Swimwear styles for 2016 that fit the trends – words Alexa Wang



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