6 Accessory Trends Every Guy Should Try This Year

words Alexa Wang

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No matter your aesthetic or age, what you’re getting into that day, or whether you’re dressing to the nines or in a t-shirt in jeans, accessories are an important addition to any outfit. Jewelry and accessories are the cherry on top of any look and a way to look polished and pulled together.

Maybe you haven’t found your individual jewelry style yet, or you’re looking to add more key pieces to your collection. No matter where you are on your accessories journey, there are essential pieces every man should have in his wardrobe. Keep reading for the must-have accessories for men this year. 


Bandanas have long been worn throughout the fashion ages because they’re such versatile items. While you may associate the bandana with a cowboy aesthetic, it came into play in America during the 18th century as more of a handkerchief. If you’ve got a bandana or two lying around, play with the style around your neck. It’s much more comfortable than a larger scarf, and they come in various colors, styles, and sizes. If you need a little confidence in wearing the bandana, know male celebrity stylists, influencers and celebs are all bringing this trend back.

Simple Chains 

Every guy looks good with a little bit of gold around his neck. And hey, if gold isn’t your color, silver’s just as shiny. Wearing a simple chain is a timeless look that every guy can pull off, no matter his style. If you like things flashier, a thicker chain in a Cuban link style could be just what you’re looking for. Perhaps a thinner Figaro chain is more your speed. Investing in a solid gold chain is worth its weight in literal gold. Your chain will compliment a suit and look equally as good with a tank top and shorts while you’re on vacation. 


Speaking of chains, if you want to take your chain game to the next level, investing in chain pendants is a great idea. Once you have your base sterling silver or gold, chain pendants are a great way to switch up your necklace. Praying hands, zodiac signs, and turquoise nuggets are popular pendant options. You can never go wrong with a gold cross, either. Pendants are not only a great investment for your fine jewelry collection, but amassing them can be a fun hobby too. 

Signet Rings 

While not everyone opts to purchase their class ring in high school or college, signet rings convey the same timeless look as the class rings you can find when you click here. Some guys choose to have their initials engraved on their signet rings, while others leave them blank. Another option for signet rings is to have a stone set in the center, like a diamond or your birthstone. Signet rings, while iconic, are having a major moment this year and don’t appear to be going anywhere. If you’re only wearing your wedding ring now, consider branching out your ring game by throwing a signet ring into the mix. Signet style rings look especially stylish worn as a pinky ring for men. 

Bucket Hats 

You may consider bucket hats a summer-only accessory, but that’s not true anymore. Big and baggy is obviously in when it comes to denim and pant styles these days, even sweaters and t-shirts. So it should make sense that the comfortable and oversized bucket hat is having a moment. If you want to sport this style in the cooler months, you’ll want to buy a bucket hat in fall and winter fabrics like wool and flannel. Keep your head warm in style by trying this lookout. 

Water Bottles 

You may not view your Hydro Flask as a status symbol or accessory, but water bottles are where it’s at in the men’s fashion world. Everyone knows we’re facing a climate crisis, and including a reusable and aesthetically pleasing water bottle to tote around shows you’re committed to helping the problem. You can stick with your Yeti or shop for a more fashionable option from high-end designers. 

There are other styles in trend when it comes to your accessories, and it’s up to you how you want to push the envelope. Everything Y2K is in right now, so with some jewelry, the blingier, the better. Even pearl necklaces for men aren’t off the table. Which ones will you try? 


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