How to design your own home

words Alexa Wang

If you are purchasing a new home or revamping the design of the existing one, then you might have a picture in your mind as to what exactly it should look like. Starting to design your house without a plan will never lead to the result that you are looking for.

It is why it becomes important to understand and think about the things you want in your house and plan accordingly. Planning your dream home is what decides on how the house will look like when the work is done and there are lots of easy things you can do yourself to make sure that it becomes a masterpiece of your dreams.

Start with basics and simple ideas

Designing a home or thinking about the interiors is not a hectic and big task. You do not have to think about all the elements at once. Simply take a  pen and paper and start noting down the different elements of the home you are thinking about designing. It can be the furniture, color of the walls, floor, etc. You can even start sketching the design idea on paper which will give you an idea of how your ideas would look in reality. You can make a list of features that can be added to one room and then sketch them on paper.

design your home

Design as per your future requirement

When you design your home, you do not do it for a day or two, you do it for years to come. The design of the home should be made in such a way that it serves the purpose for years to come. You might have a requirement in the future you know about right now. So make sure to include that requirement in the design as well, which will make sure that you do not have to spend more in the future. You might have a bigger family in the future, so make sure that the design of the house is made in a way that it can accommodate more people as well.

Ask the experts

When it comes to designing the home, it is not necessary that you will be able to handle all the things, since you do not handle such things regularly. It is why you have experts that can help you with a lot of things while designing your home. Like Colourific, which can help you with the task of coloring your property in the most professional ways and they can even consult you about the type of color you should go for as per your preferences. Apart from that, there is a professional for almost everything and if you are ever confused, you can simply take their help.

design own home

Consider practicality

Often while designing our home or office, the most common mistake we make is giving preference to looks and design more than the practicality it should offer. The design that you selected should be practical enough to make sure that accessing other areas is not as difficult as well. For example, the room location and ways to enter it should be created in a way that it also helps in connecting to the major areas such as dining rooms, kitchen, etc. It would not only allow excellent flow between the rooms but will also make it a lot more accessible. Also, this approach should be made with natural lighting as well. The design should allow a lot of natural light to come in so that the rooms feel airy, which also saves a lot on the electricity bill. It will also add a natural element to your design.


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