Teaching Math with Technology: 6 Great Resources

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Mathematics is a skill-based subject, which makes it a perfect fit for technology. In recent times, we have witnessed the integration of technology into traditional classrooms, and with each passing day, more teachers are hopping aboard this ship.

Wondering why? It’s quite simple. Technology eases the learning process for teachers and students alike. With the right tools, even learning 3rd-grade math online is a breezy possibility.

This brings us to the big question: what resources are best for teaching and learning math? Read further and check our recommendations below.


Brighterly is an increasingly popular edtech startup targeted at making studying math a fun experience for young learners. With a robust team of expert math tutors, children can get one-on-one interactive math lessons where they learn basic mathematical concepts and the ways to apply said concepts in real life.

In order to achieve its mission of making learning a fun experience for kids, Brighterly utilizes game-based learning. Put simply, game-based learning is a method that embeds gaming characteristics and features within learning activities. It helps students understand concepts better and most importantly, retain what they’ve learned.

In addition to its game-based learning strategy, Brighterly also provides an adaptive curriculum where lessons are tailored to each child’s specific learning needs. This approach ensures that no student is left behind on their math journey.


Dogs might be man’s best friends, but Desmos is the ultimate math teacher’s guide and companion. Desmos is an incredible tool for graphing and math teaching. With this tool, you can help your students connect mathematical concepts to real-world pictures. All you have to do to start an activity with your students is to enter the activity code into the website.

Desmos encourages kids to use math to express their creativity. For instance, they can enter numerous mathematical expressions and see results graphed on the page. Kids can also turn graphs into realistic drawings if they want.

We love this tool because it’s perfect for driving class conversations and building an interactive classroom. For instance, students can create challenges and try out the ones created by their classmates. The best part? It’s absolutely free!


Kahoot is yet another popular math online resource that has etched its name into the sands of time. Like Brighterly, Kahoot is primarily focused on game-based learning. But how exactly does it work? We’ll paint a scenario for you.

Using Kahoot, you can create several multiple choice questions and project them on a screen. Your students can then answer the questions on their individual devices.

After every question, the highest ranking participants are displayed on the screen. This approach really kicks off a competitive fire within your students and makes them eager to play on.

Kahoot is also a favorite amongst many educators due to its simplicity and ease of use. With this tool, students don’t need to create an account. All they need to do is input the quiz code into the website and voila! They’re in.


MooseMath is a software designed by Duck Duck Moose to teach kids basic mathematics concepts and engage them in a fun math adventure. It features up to five different math activities where children can practice addition, subtraction, shape sorting, and so on.

For a tutor, this interactive software is a great addition to classroom activities as it contains verbal cues that can help kids follow instructions.


Zearn is another resource that every math tutor should have in their arsenal. This online math curriculum is targeted at students in grades one to eight and provides tons of math skills practices for them. It also contains interactive video lessons that can beef up your curriculum and ease the learning process. More importantly, you have access to the curriculum and can monitor your students’ progress.


Need a tool to help you create and analyze student assessments? Formative is the one for you. Like the name implies, Formative helps teachers create formative assessments, monitor students’ progress in real time, and give feedback almost instantly. It’s a great way for you to maximize productivity and manage your time more efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Looking to breathe life into your math classroom? The resources outlined above will certainly help you supplement the curriculum and create more interactive lessons for your students. Remember: math teachers may be superheroes, but every hero needs a sidekick too!


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