10 great nightlife hotspots for a girls’ night out

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10 great nightlife hotspots for a girls’ night out – words Alexa Wang

After enduring stressful times at work or elsewhere, it can be fantastic fun to spend special time de-stressing with your gal pals.

However, the extent to which you could relieve the tension can depend where you enjoy your girls’ night out – here are ten of our favourite nightlife hotspots we would recommend.

Las Vegas, United States

You’ll certainly find a good range of people spending their money in the popular casinos of ‘Sin City’! Simply Woman Magazine advises that you visit the Strip’s southern end for “the very best action”.

São Paulo, Brazil

Variety is something that you can expect in spades at São Paulo – which, despite its array of appealing cultural experiences, can often be unjustly overlooked in favour of the more obvious Brazilian nightlife hotspot of Rio de Janeiro.

Berlin, Germany

Berghain, the iconic club, is in the German capital – but that’s certainly not the only reason to drop by Berlin. There is also, for example, the Soviet-themed CCCP Bar – and the “anything goes” attitude of Berliners means that you will be in exciting company.

Ibiza, Spain

These days, the name “Ibiza” alone just screams lots of summery fun – and, indeed, you and your female friends are likely to appreciate not only the area’s nightlife, but also its daytime beach parties. We reckon that the evening hotel bars also warrant special mention.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg has been dubbed Russia’s cultural epicentre – and, once you’ve sampled the nightlife here, you’ll see why. Each year sees new, fashionable nightspots opening in the area that has also been called Russia’s “window to Europe”.

New York, United States

The Big Apple is certainly globally renowned as a nightlife hotspot – and it’s hardly surprising, given its venues that encompass Art Deco-styled cocktail bars, classic taverns and slick nightclubs. We particularly like having the opportunity to sip fruity umbrella drinks at the area’s tiki lounges.

Bangkok, Thailand

The Thai capital has become more cosmopolitan in its population recently, while the local nightlife venues, which include rock bars, fashionable pubs and cocktail lounges, have become more sophisticated. Make your way to Bangkok soon to see what the fuss is about.

Montreal, Canada

One place that isn’t attracting as much fuss as we think it should, however, is Montreal. In this Canadian city, the music is diverse, the summer festivals are exciting, and the people are among the world’s friendliest. Nonetheless, we would obviously urge you not to visit the city in winter.

Barcelona, Spain

The women’s website Babe provides an insight into many attractions of Barcelona. As the site says, “there’s so much to do that it’s actually quite hard to know where to begin”…

London, United Kingdom

Have we learned a lesson from Vanessa Williams and saved the best for last? Possibly, though exactly how the nightlife compares in the British capital is obviously a subjective judgement. The amazing range of pubs, restaurants and rooftop bars counts heavily in the city’s favour – and smoothly booking a place in one of London’s exclusive clubs is easier when you turn to Blu Nightlife.

10 great nightlife hotspots for a girls’ night out – words Alexa Wang



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