St. Patrick’s Day at the world’s most northerly inhabited area

St. Patrick’s Day at the world’s most northerly inhabited area – words Al Woods

When you think of St. Patrick’s Day you often imagine it being celebrated in Dublin, Chicago or New York. In actual fact, it has spread and is now enjoyed in many cities across the world. But suppose you wanted to go out on a limb and raise a glass somewhere a little bit different? A desert Island perhaps or in the treetops of a lush rain forest.

Well this year Jameson organised an intrepid adventure to celebrate St. Patrick day in the most northerly inhabited area on the globe. That’s right, they organised an adventure amongst the ice caves and glaciers of Svalbard in Norway.

Their nearest neighbours were marauding polar bears and seals as they trekked over the permafrost to thier luminate destination. But why did they decide on such a remote place you might ask? Well Svalbard happens to be marked by the co-ordinates 17° longitude 80° latitude and so served as a tribute to the year that John Jameson set up his distillery in Dublin.

The friends who embarked on this grand adventure were from Ireland, India and Argentina. They journeyed intrepidly overcoming many obstacles along the way to celebrate the day. In between snowmobile races, ice cave claiming and husky rides they found time to bond as a group in the thermometer-busting Arctic conditions. They finally made camp at their destination and drank a toast with a drop of Jameson’s to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Simon Fay, International Marketing Director at Irish Distillers, was excited for fans to enjoy the most unique St. Patrick’s Day gathering the world had ever seen: “St. Patrick’s Day is not just a big day of celebration in Ireland – it’s become a historic day that’s shared all over the world, where we get together with friends and make new memories. This year we wanted to show the world you can create unforgettable moments wherever you are and what better way to demonstrate this than from 17° 80°”.  

Visit to see some highlights from the epic Jameson 17°  80° St. Patrick’s Day expedition.



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