60s styles we’re wearing now

They say fashion often goes full circle. We had the eighties hype and now, if the runways are anything to go by, the sixties have swung back into our wardrobes and are bigger and better than ever before. Now we seem to have many decades influencing our designers and what we want to wear.

So you know it’s just the time to embrace the latest retro revival and step out in familiar styles that have been revamped and reworked for now. In footwear terms these are some of the 60s styles we’re donning today:

Go-go boots

Back then: In the 1960s fashion just exploded, especially when it came to boots. Yes they’re wardrobe staples these days, but pre-1960s boots were used by women primarily for riding or outdoor pursuits. However, as hemlines rose, women started to wear longer length boots to draw attention to their legs.

The go-go boot quickly became one of the signature styles of the decade, characterised by a short block heel and plastic construction. Named after the French word for joy (gogue), the boot perfectly matched the relaxed attitudes of the era.

2016: Nowadays, the go-go boot is more refined. Leaving its plastic counterpart behind, the go-go boot is now sophisticated in suede, while still remaining the shape that made is so iconic all those years ago.


Shift dresses with collars

Back then: In contrast to the mature styles of the 1950s, sixties fashion was decidedly younger. Shift dresses were worn to make women appear more youthful and, through playful prints and cute collars, they gave them an almost doll-like quality.

However, shift dresses were not to be worn to the office, as a result of their thigh-skimming length. Instead, they were reserved for more casual events.

2016: The shift dress still reigns supreme in 2016, as women continue to embrace the leg-flashing style. However, the shift is no longer resigned to our casual wardrobes, as working women smarten up their look with a collared dress.

A-line skirts

Back then: As we’ve already mentioned, feminine fashion aimed to create a doll-like quality in women. Hip-skimming A-line skirts fit into this ideal, which often featured bright colours and bold prints. Plaid was a common print and helped to create a school girl-inspired look.

In terms of length, mini A-line skirts were popular, while knee-length styles remained a practical choice for work.

2016: A-line remains a flattering shape and is still worn today. Suede skirts in rich tan are popular at the moment, helping to channel a vintage-inspired vibe especially when paired with knee-high boots.

Chelsea boots


Back then: Casting an eye back to the 1800s, Chelsea boots were created as a unisex shoe for horse-riders, with the elastic side and tab at the back allowing them to be put on and removed with ease. Flash-forward to the 1960s and The Beatles emerged wearing Chelsea – quickly re-dubbed Beatle – boots. The Beatle boot was narrower and more pointed than its 18th Century predecessor, equipped with a Cuban heel. Mod fashion quickly snapped them up, but it was mainly men who wore paired them with a snappy suit.

2016: Chelsea boots have now made their way into the wardrobes of women and men alike. Women can choose from the more casual, flat version, or a more dressed-up platform version, to give it more versatility. They are teamed up with ankle grazer jeans and monochrome colours, contributing to effortless street style.



Back then: Championed by style icons like Mia Farrow and Raquel Welch, co-ords were a work wear staple for women in the 1960s. Women tended to wear form-fitting skirts that ended just above the knee with a matching tailored jacket.

The 1960s also saw the introduction of the pant suit for women, another type of co-ord from the decade. Tailoring the masculine style to suit a woman’s smaller frame, the suits became popular with women, although many debated whether they threatened masculinity. Shockingly, some workplaces even banned women from wearing them.

2016: Matching co-ords are back. Crop top and pencil skirt combos are a popular summer style, while co-ordinating skirts, tops and suits are set to continue their reign into Autumn/Winter 2016. Thankfully, unlike the trend, the ban on pant suits for women has been forgotten!

Pointed shoes

Back then: While go-go boots have become something of a symbol of the sixties, pointed shoes were another popular trend. Flats with a pointed toe were a must-have style at the start of the decade. Often worn with mini skirts to elongate the legs, the shoes were usually longer than required to avoid pinching the feet. This additional length, which created the pointed shape, made the shoes difficult to walk in.

2016: In 2016, fashion is all about getting to the point. Pointed flats still remain a stylish choice, while pointed heels and boots are also popular. The good news? The shoes are a much better fit nowadays!


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