Top wedding trends in 2022

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Top wedding trends

2022 will be the year of fairytale weddings, featuring unique, exciting, and unexpected elements that every guest is going to remember for a long time.

Ready for the celebrations? From statement color palette, and thoughtful decor to offbeat entertainment and bold bridal styles, here’re the top wedding trends for 2022 and beyond.

Back-Garden Weddings

Vintage and romantic back-garden wedding culture has been around us for decades but the trend is expected to boom this year. Couples, nowadays, prefer taking advantage of gorgeous, lush-green outdoor spaces. Back-garden weddings not just give a stunning backdrop for wedding pictures but save on the power consumption, thus leading to a sustainable approach.

Laidback luxury

While many have opted for close-knit celebrations in the past few years, big parties and luxurious weddings are back with a bang. Such weddings are pretty known for their extravagance, statement floral installations, top design elements, and laidback luxury. Since 2022 will be the year of maximalism, you can expect more of everything that makes your wedding a once-in-a-lifetime affair.

Earthy, Nature-inspired Hues

The trend of loud decor and bold hues has completely disappeared. Since the people are happy to move away from the traditional norm, the color palette for modern wedding decor is now shifting toward earthy, natural shades. Amber hues, coral tones, and bright textures can easily create a sober and vintage vibe.  People surely embrace nude palettes in terms of flowers, as they look perfect with earthier tones.

Two-piece wedding dress

Brides are now looking away from the traditional gowns to something that suits their modern, minimalist styling. A two-piece wedding dress is an elegant and contemporary option that makes an excellent choice to show up at weddings all across 2022.

It is high on versatility, thus offering endless and effortless possibilities. What makes it stand out from the bunch is its re-wearability, which is a major plus for sustainable brides.

You can also opt for two-piece dresses embellished with pearls. However, the natural pearls are rarest to find. The probability that the pearl found is of gemstone quality is 1 in 1 million.

Themed Parties

Weddings in 2022 are doubling down on both fun and tradition, thus making space for theme parties. Such events can add fun and humor to the celebrations while making them a memorable affair.

Themed wedding parties, like disco nights, old Hollywood, and Monte Cristo are getting immense popularity these days and these are just a few. You can opt for whatever theme you like and wow your guests with creative and exciting elements.

Intimate Weddings

While the pandemic restrictions are almost over, a vast bunch of people are used to those lockdowns and hence prefer living in their shells. If you are one of those individuals, opt for a rustic and whimsical wedding trend and tie the knot with your partner in intimate and cozy settings.

Guests can join such intimate celebrations online via YouTube Live Stream or Zoom and can take part in it by getting candles, sand, or any other relatable item.

Offbeat Entertainment Options

Entertainment has always been a focal point at weddings. While this trend goes on you can try offbeat entertainment options to keep the guests engaged. Whether it is a fabulous band performance or drag queen balls, there are several options that can make your wedding a pleasurable affair.

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