Old-Fashioned Interior Design Trends Making A Comeback

words Al Woods

Popular trends change with the times, but every so often, old trends make a comeback! Most generations borrow from previous generations in terms of design, so whatever is popular today came from past design trends. Below are some of these trendy highlights according to online estate agents!

Interior Design Trends

*Brass Fixtures

Rose gold and stainless steel were the modern choice metals, but brass is making a comeback in a big way! When brass is used as an accent for fixtures and hardware, it adds warmth and sophistication to a kitchen, bathroom or a living space.

*Custom Cabinets

For some time, exposed minimalist shelving was all the rage in kitchens, but it required carefully curated accessories in order to look good. Traditional kitchen cabinets are making a comeback. The only change is that there are more options for designs, finishes, and colors to choose from.

*Wall Paneling

For the most part, homeowners found wall paneling a dated trend from the 70s, and every time they saw it in their homes, they chose to rip it out. Thanks to the rising popularity of cozy homes and makeover shows, wall paneling is coming back into fashion. Unlike the dated wall panels of the 70s, however, modern variations offer bright white colors as well as a shiplap or tongue and groove designs.

*Maximalism Design

Minimalist interiors are starting to move over and make way for maximalist interiors. This means it’s possible to display favorite trinkets and extra throw pillows on the couch again. This trend really lets people go crazy with individuality and put their personalities on display with limited effort.

*Indoor Jungles

Houseplants were always a popular accessory in every home, and a few plants scattered here and there were great focal points. However, in recent years, many homeowners in the city started yearning for nature and the great outdoors. This has led to the creation of indoor houseplant jungles. Living plants are a unique decor find, and most importantly, they also help filter indoor air quality for easier breathing. Though spider plants were always the most popular additions to a home, local garden centers and nurseries make it easier than ever to branch out and collect all different kinds of plants.

*Bold Wallpaper

The 80s are a decade very few wish to remember when it comes to cringe worthy floral wallpaper designs. Fortunately, modern wallpaper is a great way to accent any wall space while also adding a fun, unique  and bold design to an otherwise drab space. From accent walls to completely covered rooms, homeowners are enjoying the possibilities that designer wallpaper coverings are able to provide.

*Kitchen Color Splashes

Monochromatic kitchens with white, black, and gray variations were, for many years, the choice options for a trendy kitchen. However, in recent years, homeowners have started to discover that a splash of color in the kitchen can add interest and flair to an oft-used space. Unlike the retro avocado green and bright orange colors of the 70s, modern splashes of color are bold, dramatic, and play well with existing white kitchens. They add a zing of energy without being too controlling in a given space. When selecting new colors, light and breezy is in, and weighted retro colors are most definitely out!

*Clawfoot Tubs

Soaking or clawfoot bathtubs are becoming a romantic bathroom addition, and in recent years, many homeowners started swapping out their sterile showers for something a bit more intimate. Focusing on self-care during these stressful times is more important than ever, which is why these fixtures are quickly gaining popularity once again as a focal point and luxury fixture. For those homes with plenty of space in the bathroom, homeowners may even opt to include a shower to complement the bathtub design.


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