What gifts are most likely to leave a lasting impression?

What gifts are most likely to leave a lasting impression? – words Al Woods

With Christmas fast approaching, this is probably a question that you desperately want to answer. Of course, it might be something that stresses you out when birthdays, anniversaries, and other gift-giving events grow near too.

You want to show the important people in your life that they matter to you, but it can be hard to buy the perfect gift year after year. There comes a point at which you wonder if you can still outdo yourself. And you don’t want to end up giving people cash every year. So, what gifts are most likely to leave a lasting impression on family and friends? Here are a few ideas.

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A musical instrument

If you want to leave a lasting impression on a family member or a friend then one of the best gifts to get for them is a musical instrument. You could browse through this range of incredible Yamaha Pianos if you want some ideas. If you’ve seen the John Lewis advert this year (you’d have to live under a rock to miss it) then you’ll understand why a present like a piano can be such a powerful gift. That’s not to say your loved one will become the next Elton John if you buy them a piano or the next Ed Sheeran if you buy them an acoustic guitar, but a musical instrument is a gift that has a powerful impact on someone’s life. Even if you’re buying it for a friend who’s already in their thirties or forties, learning a new skill (or rediscovering an old one) is the kind of gift that lasts a lifetime.

special presentA handmade gift

You also can’t go wrong with a handmade gift, as long as you put thought and time into it. It’s about the sentiment more than the present itself, of course. Making a handmade present for someone is your way of telling them that they matter to you. It might not have cost you an insane amount of money, but time is more valuable than money (to most of us). You might want to try your hand at cooking or baking if you want to really impress your loved one. A homemade birthday cake will always go down a treat. Or if you want to give them something edible that lasts a little longer then you could give them some homemade strawberry jam. If they have a pet then you could create them a special dog treat jar. Think outside the box.

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A trip to their favourite place

A gift that will definitely leave a lasting impression on family and friends is a day out. We’ve talked a lot about physical presents you can give to your loved ones, but the gift of a special day is something quite different. It’s the gift of a memory. Sharing a great experience together is something that’ll stick in both of your minds for years to come. You just have to think about the things that mean most to your family member or friend. Maybe you could take them to a specific restaurant they love, their favourite theme park, or simply treat them to a film at the cinema if that’s what they love doing.


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