5 unique vacation ideas you must try

5 unique vacation ideas you must try – words Alexa Wang

If you’re planning a vacation, then the chances are that you’re trying to decide between familiar favorites or something off the beaten track.

Travel is essential for both physical and mental health, and finding the right destination to suit your hobbies and lifestyle can be quite the challenge.

Ideally, you should be looking for something unique. Sure, it’s great to check out the Eiffel Tower or do a little driving on Route 66, but the following unique destinations are ideally suited for those that are looking for something a little different from their next vacation. If you’re on the lookout for something new, then these destinations should be at the top of your list.

vacation ideas Caribbean Island Hopping

If the idea of relaxing in an actual paradise is one that appeals, then you can’t go wrong with heading to the Caribbean. Beautifully clear water, sun-soaked and clean beaches, the Caribbean also has something for everyone. From drinking rum in Cuba to snorkelling off the British VirgIslands, island hopping in the Caribbean is an adventure that could change your life.

vacation ideasSouth Korean Diversity

From national parks and ski resorts to coastal cities and mountain ranges, South Korea is a fine example of diverse geography. Busan is a becoming very popular, with its busy coastal trade and proximity to the hustle and bustle of Seoul. Take time to check out the temples and hot springs, and don’t miss out on the lava tube tours on Jeju island.

vacation ideasEmbrace Your Inner Hedonist

If you’ve ever felt the need to drink beer from a glass the size of your head, then you should make a beeline straight to Munich. Try and coincide your visit with Oktoberfest for the ultimate drinking holiday, but any time of year is good for a visit to Germany. With fairytale castles and stunning landscapes, it’s easy to get out and about and find inspiration.

holiday ideasTake to Tennessee

The USA is a very big place, and choosing one location in that vast expanse is tricky. One of the destinations growing in popularity is Gatlinburg in Tennessee. There’s a lot to do in the area, and no matter your interests you’re sure to find something that appeals. It’s easy to find the perfect cabin to rent in the wilds as well, with a quick check of VacationRenter letting you decide on the best place for you. With national parks and some of the best food in the country, don’t overlook Tennessee as the dream vacation choice.

tripRelax in Mauritius

If you want to chill out on your vacation, then Mauritius could be your ultimate dream destination. This tiny island is perfect for revitalising and refreshing your mind, and there are water activities for when you’ve had enough of sunbathing on the beach. With a fascinating history, there’s also enough culture for even the most avid history buff to enjoy. Mauritius is a fantastic choice for those that want to have a longer vacation with a lot of laid-back variety.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller who’s seen it all, or a newbie exploring the world for the first time, these destinations have something for everyone. Travel is essential for learning about both the world and ourselves, and these top choices could help you return home with a whole new perspective on life.


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