5 Places in Australia Every Chocolate Lover Should Visit

words Alexa Wang

Meals are always incomplete without a dessert, which comes in a variety of flavours. Chocolate is the most popular dessert for many people. There are numerous reasons for the popularity of chocolate. First, it can help to lower blood pressure. Some of the compounds in cocoa beans help to increase the production of nitric oxide, which stimulates the dilation of blood vessels.

According to research involving 850 healthy participants, the compounds in cocoa products had a significant effect on lowering blood pressure. However, they were only effective in the short term. It has also been identified as one of the foods that can keep you smart. A recent study showed that cocoa is also helpful for ageing brains. Are you a chocolate lover and wondering where to visit while in Australia? Here are the five options for you:

Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory – Junee, New South Wales

The facility is located in New South Wales in a restored flour mill. It produces a wide variety of confectionaries and certified products, which are distributed in different parts of the country and international markets.

It is operated by a family-owned farm that has been engaging in organic farming since the 1960s. The farm is an 1100 hectare property. The management has been focusing on delivering safe products by avoiding the use of artificial fertilizers and harmful chemicals.

Australia Chocolate
Oliver Brown Chocolate Café – Rydalmere, New South Wales

It’s one of the most popular destinations for chocolate lovers in Australia and offers dishes made from chocolate imported from Belgium. The company’s story began in 2009 when two friends realized the unique taste of Belgium chocolate and loved its flavour.

This led them to launch Oliver Brown Chocolate Cafe to offer Belgium-inspired chocolate to everyone in Australia and other parts of the world. Some of the products it offers include chocolate drops and chocolate sauce.

Haigh’s Chocolates – Parkside, South Australia

The pioneer of the company established the first store in 1915 in South Australia. After setting up his firm, the founder started focusing on introducing his own flavours. In 1917, he made a bold move and decided to produce chocolate-covered fruit centres.

When he realized there was a need for expansion, he bought a residential property and built a two-roomed factory. By 1933, it had expanded its operations and had opened six stores. The organization is one of the country’s oldest chocolate makers.

Philip Island Chocolate Factory – Newhaven, Victoria

The company is known for innovativeness. It produces about 190 different treats for sale. It is climate controlled to ensure comfort for visitors. Some of the recent renovations at the chocolate factory make it a must whenever you visit Philip Island.

It organizes fun-filled chocolate tours for chocolate lovers. Visiting the factory will leave you with delightful experiences. For example, you will have access to devices you can use to make your own chocolate and play some games.

Australia Chocolate
Charley’s Chocolate Factory – Mission Beach, Queensland

This is another place you should consider visiting in Australia if you love chocolate. Its first cocoa pods were harvested in 2014. It rented a commercial food processing plant to meet the growing demand for its products.

From experience, the founders of the facility wanted it to be an online retailer. When its first site was launched, clients from different parts in Australia started placing their orders. The local retailers also started distributing the products.


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