Get off the beaten track exploring Italy

Get off the beaten track exploring Italy – words Al Woods

Italy is one of the most popular places for travellers to visit. The country attracts everyone for history buffs to those looking for the perfect spot for a sun and surf. You might know some of the biggest draws Italy has to offer but do you know some of the secrets the country holds?

These experiences may have so far eluded your attention, but if you’re exploring Italy this year or next season, they are definitely worth checking out for yourself. So, let’s look at some of the activities and adventures that you probably won’t find in your typical guidebook.

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Partying With Naple Locals

There are many reasons to visit Naples. Pompei would obviously be high up on that list, and there are some enchanting places to stay as seen on sites like But don’t get too lost in the comforts or the history because you’ll miss out on a chance to engage with the locals. There’s a square in Naples called Piazza Bellini. Here you’ll find countless students drinking the day away and locals colliding with tourists. Of course, you might already know that you can’t escape the history of Italy for too long no matter where you visit. That’s true here too because there are ancient ruins to gaze upon as you share a delightful drink.

Discover Alberobello

While some of the items on this list are going to be adventures or activities, others will be places. These hidden gems haven’t really yet been noticed by the tourist community which means that travelers in the know can still freely explore them in peace without the hustle and bustle. The first choice you should consider would be Alberobello. You’ll find it tucked away in Puglia and there are a variety of reasons why this should be one of the places you visit. Do make sure that you visit the Belvedere. This will give you a captivating view of the town, including it’s little stunning cream covered buildings with cone shaped roofs.

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Dive Into Horror

You might be a lover of horror. If that’s the case, do make sure that you think about visiting the Monsters of Bomarzo. This is a horror show that is embedded in the sixteenth century and can be found in a beautiful garden. You’ll need to enter the show through the mouth of a horrifying sculpture, but that’s all part of the fun we think you’ll agree.

Get A Taste Of Bologna

Some things really are as simple as they seem and Bologna is widely known as the tastiest town Italy has to offer, as the name actually suggests! You can try various delightful delicacies here and get the real flavours of Italy. We recommend you certainly stop here to try a true and authentic Italian Lasagne that would make Garfield’s mouth water.

Discover A True Haunted Island

There is an island – stop us if you’ve heard this one – where ghosts and ghouls roam free, supposedly. While we can’t confirm you’ll find true paranormal activity in the Plague Island of Poveglia, we can tell you that you’ll never get the chance to find out. The whole Island is strictly off limits. You can get boat tours around it that travel pretty close but even these are severely restricted and highly controlled. The Island close to Venice is the home of a horror story where people with the plague were sent to die alone, locked in an asylum, so the story goes.  Actually, it’s not a story, it’s embedded in historical fact, and it’s also true to say that several people snuck onto the island to stay the night there and had to be rescued after being haunted. So, if you’re heading to Italy for Halloween, you might just want to book a trip to that incredible, mysterious place. Or, at least the waters surrounding it. You can learn more about this island on

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Climb Up To Castelluccio

Five thousand feet above sea level, there are clouds that are beneath this cosy little village. It really is like stepping into an oil painting here with gorgeous fields dotted with poppies and array of other flowers. As you might have expected then, we recommend heading over to this location in spring as the flowers blossom. To find it you need to conquer the Apennine Mountains or just drive up the winding roads, but it is definitely going to be worth it once you reach the top.

Find A Natural Wonder

Eager to discover the wonders of nature in Italy? We’re pleased to say there are various choices to consider here from great sun drenched, lush green hills to looming mountains and diving waters. However, our absolute favourite natural wonder has to be Neptune’s Grotto. You’ll find it in Alghero. Here, you will see a stunningly lit cave that you can delve deep into and see incredible stalagmites. Boat trips and walks are available here. Is it really linked to the great Roman God? Well, we won’t spoil that for you but we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you visit this place looking for something a little mythical and indeed, mysterious. The cave is actually in the centre of an absolute environmental haven too so you can certainly spend a lovely day here. 

Lie Back In Sperlonga


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You’ll have to journey to Lazio to find this one, and it’s the perfect break if you have spent countless days of your vacation exploring the streets of Rome. It’s a quiet coastal retreat with all the charm of a local village and all the history of an open-air museum. Be sure to check out some of the old architecture in this area, particularly if you are a fan of times long forgotten. The palaces are mesmerizing. But really, this is just the perfect place to enjoy a quieter part of one of the best countries in Europe. It’s not the only village that offers this type of gentle retreat, but it is one of the best.

We hope you see now that there’s more to Italy than Rome, Tuscany and Venice. If you want to learn more about Italy before you go do check out

Get off the beaten track exploring Italy – words Al Woods









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