5 of the Best Things to Do When You Visit Maui

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If you’ve never heard of the island of Maui before, it is one part of the Hawaiian archipelago. It is an absolutely gorgeous island with a fascinating culture. It has a sprawling national park, spotless white sand beaches, and a whole lot more for both natives and tourists to enjoy.

If you plan to take a vacation this year, you should consider checking out Hawaii, and Maui specifically. You can get some great deals there these days, as the island is trying to welcome visitors back in the pandemic’s latter stages.

Let’s go over some of the most engaging activities you might investigate if you visit this year.

Visit Maui

Take a Helicopter Tour

There are certainly several ways you can explore the island. You can hike through some areas on foot, or you can rent a bike. You might take a boat out on the water as well, either one you charter or one you can pilot yourself if you already have some prior nautical experience.

However, many of the locals swear by the island’s famous helicopter tours. The best helicopter tour on Maui is one that can show you several of the island’s regions, giving you a bird’s eye view of some of the most awe-inspiring sights.

Some tours can show you both the island’s Eastern and Western portions, showcasing the Western mountainous shoreline and the more rugged Northeastern section. Most of them depart from Kahului, but they can fill up fast, so try to book in advance.

Go Fishing

If you enjoy fishing, you should truly find Maui to be a paradise on Earth. You can tangle with both short-billed and blue marlins. You will also find tuna there, including both the skipjack and yellowfin varieties.

Maybe you’re more into salmon. The Hawaiian salmon is enormous and has plenty of fight, so be ready for a serious battle if you go out after them. You might also encounter sharks, barracudas, or trevallies.

You can catch and release, or you might choose to bring your catch back with you and cook it up. You can look into hiring a boat that comes complete with a guide, or else you can try your luck on your own if you have prior boating experience.

Visit Maui

Visit Haleakala National Park

No Maui trip is complete if you don’t visit their famous national park, Haleakala. Here, you will find sunbaked caldera over which you can scramble.

Make sure to utilize some sturdy hiking boots and a hat to keep the sun off. You should also slather on some sunblock, as it gets extremely hot during the late morning and early afternoon hours.

The locals named it after a volcano, which is thankfully dormant. The park covers well more than 30,000 square acres, so you can hike around for an entire day and work up an appetite if you like.

This is another activity where you will probably do best bringing a guide, but you can also get maps and traverse one of the well-marked trails. In 1976, the US dubbed Haleakala a national park and gave it protected status.

Visit Kaanapali Beach

There are several lovely beaches in Maui, but you’ll probably do best visiting Kaanapali. Many resorts line it, and if you’re staying in one of them, this beautiful sandy expanse will be right in your backyard.

You might take a dip in the crystal-clear waters or lie out on a towel and soak up a few rays. You can try snorkeling as well if you brought your own equipment, or you can rent some. There are also many shops along the beach if you’d prefer to grab a few souvenirs instead of braving the waves.

You Can Eat at One of the Many Seafood Restaurants

Some people like visiting Hawaii for the food alone. You can look into which restaurant interests you most. Many of them have native dishes and expansive wine menus.

You can try poi and homemade crab cakes, shrimp tempura, or lobster. Fish dishes and calamari dominate the menus. Much of the seafood is very fresh, as the locals catch it and sell it to the restaurants the same day.

You can try a famous Poke bowl, which comes with spicy tuna and wasabi. It is sure to clean out your sinuses.

You can spend a week in Maui and never do everything this enchanting island offers. You’ll just have to visit again someday and try the activities you missed.


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