Ayurveda 101 – The Science of Natural Healing

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The ancient healing art of Ayurveda may well be the oldest form of medicine known to man.  Stretching back some 5,000 to 7,000 years, this ancient healing science has been used successfully by people from around the world. 

Even in this modern scientific age the ancient art of Ayurveda continues to wield significant influence, both as a standalone form of medicine and as a complimentary therapy to modern medicine.

For many people the chief advantage of Ayurveda lies in its reliance on natural remedies and natural forms of healing.  Many people have grown skeptical of the many chemicals and preservatives that dot the modern landscape, and this return to nature can be both soothing and highly effective.  The medicines and preparations used in Ayurveda are derived from all natural sources, with no artificial ingredients that could hamper their effectiveness.

Natural Healing

An Herbal Science

In fact the practice of Ayurveda makes liberal use of the herbs that have been used to heal common ailments for thousands of years.  Practitioners of Ayurveda delve deep into the world of herbal medicine to find the best and most effective treatments for a host of common ailments, and these herbal recipes are handed down from generation to generation.  Each new generation of Ayurveda practitioners builds upon what has come before while adding his or her own knowledge to the vast wealth of information this ancient healing art has to offer.

The herbs used in the practice of Ayurveda are prepared in a number of ways, including roasting, grinding them to make powdered extracts, fermenting them into medicinal wines and more.  Each one of these preparations is given a unique name, making it easier for practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine to find just the right treatment for each patient.

The practice of Ayurveda also makes liberal use of minerals and other vital nutrients, helping to restore the lost balance that can lead to illnesses and chronic conditions.  As with herbal preparations, these minerals are carefully prepared and administered according to the traditions of this ancient art.

herbal healing

More Than Medicine

But there is much more to Ayurveda that just medications.  At the heart of this ancient practice is an emphasis on the wellness of the whole body, including not just the physical body but the mind and spirit as well.  In order to achieve the all important balance of body, mind and soul, adherents of Ayurveda are encouraged to stick to a healthy diet, meditate often and exercise regularly. 

In fact some of the most well known and most effective forms of body and mind exercise – including yoga, massage and meditation – have their roots in this ancient healing practice.  By treating the whole person instead of focusing on the ailment practitioners of Ayurveda help their patients to heal from within by restoring the kind of balance that is so easily lost in today’s hectic modern world.


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