15 Great Gift Ideas for Friends (Even When They’re Hard to Buy For)

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Great Gift Ideas

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Buying for friends can be tricky, even if you’ve known them for years. Your best friend may have multiple hobbies that they enjoy, like hiking or astrology, but nothing is inspiring you or catching your interest.

Use this gift guide to find the perfect gift for your brother from another mother or sister from another mister, even if they’re impossible to buy for or have everything.

Gifts That Support Good Causes

Is your friend interested in giving back to their community or internationally? These gifts benefit charities across the globe and provide a lot of variety.

  1. This Shirt Funds Mental Health Services: Buying a tie-dye t-shirt never felt so good. TSFMHS donates to mental health institutions.
  2. Happy Hour Box: HHB is a gift box that contains a wine tumbler, snacks, and a cocktail kit. A $48.95 box donates to Feeding America.
  3. Know Your Rights Popsocket: Purchase this LGBTQ+ pop socket with the BLM fist decal, and Popsockets will donate to Know Your Rights Camp.
  4. Grounds For Health: A coffee company with a heart of gold, Brothers Coffee will donate to Grounds for Health, a charity that’s actively fighting against cervical cancer.
  5. Pangolin Tote Bag: Pangolins are the most trafficked animal in the world, and your purchase of this pangolin bag will help WWF put an end to this wildlife crime.

There are plenty of other ways you can help your friend give back to their community other than purchasing a gift directly. For example, you could adopt an elephant or give it to any charity of your choice under your friends’ full name.

Gifts That Are Personalized

When your friend has it all, the only way to create something special is by getting it personalized. These gifts will be unique and specific to your friend.

  1. Personalized Jewelry: Whether it’s a bracelet, necklace, or ring, you can get jewelry that includes your friends’ name, date of birth, or birthstone.
  2. Custom Face Socks: No one really needs custom socks with your face on them, but they make for the perfect gag gift that also keeps your toes warm.
  3. Personalized Spotify Album Portrait: Remember your best moments by sending Every Moment Design a photo, song title, and artist of your choice for a custom portrait.
  4. Monogrammed Mugs: Mugs are always necessary for any household, but these monogrammed mugs can tell everyone else not to touch their stuff.
  5. Personalized Luggage and Passport Tags: For the friend that loves to travel. These customized tags will ensure your friend’s luggage doesn’t go missing.

Practically anything can be personalized, from pillows to shirts. Face masks are another customizable clothing item. Friends who are fashionable but don’t want to purchase a large pack of face masks will love that you gave them something useful.

Gifts That Promote Creativity

Staying creative isn’t always easy. If your friend loves to build things with their hands, paint, or create, these gifts will bring a smile to their face.

  1. Letters For a Year of Gratitude: This gift will inspire your friend to send thoughtful, handwritten notes to their family members or best friends.
  2. DIY Embroidery Kit: Both women and men could benefit from picking up a hobby like embroidery, cross sticking, or knitting. These kits can help them start.
  3. 2 Pack of Journals: Journals are functional and practical. Encourage your friend to write down their thoughts, aspirations, or goals in their notebook or daily planner.
  4. Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon: Austin Kleon wrote this book after a talk with his students went viral. He asks his reader to embrace themselves and their creativity.
  5. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera: Most of us don’t keep photos in frames or picture books anymore, but your friend can start doing so with this digital camera.

DIY kits, like candle making or model building kits, are super popular with people of all ages. Buy a DIY kit that may spark interest in a hobby or encourage one they already have. Who knows? Maybe they’ll share their creations with you!


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