Six hoverboard safety tips for the summer

Six hoverboard safety tips for the summer – words Alexa Wang

Riding a hoverboard is a fun activity that can help get your kids outdoors or even used for games and recreation in your garden. But while they might look like toys, hoverboards are electrical devices and you need to ensure that you are using them safely. Here are six tips for hoverboard safety this summer.

hoverboard safety Buy a safe model

It is important to buy a hoverboard that is going to be safe to use and charge. Some low quality older models with counterfeit batteries made the news for catching fire when charging, and this has led to many people have reservations about purchasing. The truth is that as long as you buy from a high quality retailer, you can be sure that you are getting a board that will be safe.

Look for a supplier than has its stock tested for safety and compliance in a UK test centre. This can help ensure that you are buying a board that you won’t need to worry about.

Know where you can ride your hoverboard

It is important to recognise where you can legally ride a hoverboard. In the UK it is illegal to ride a hoverboard either on the road or on the pavement. It is legal to ride a board on private property where you have the permission of the landowner. It may be possible to use your board in some public parks, although you should check first with your local council.

Practice before you ride on a hard surface

This might seem obvious, but it is worth pointing out that it takes a little experience on a hoverboard before you will be able to use it safely and without falling. It’s all a part of getting used to a hoverboard and it’s something that every rider goes through. However it is much safer (and much less painful) to get this practice done on a soft surface.

Ride slowly and gently indoors on a carpet or on the grass in your garden to start to get used to standing on the hoverboard and moving around. Once you have taken a few slips and mastered the basics you can start using your board on a hard surface.

hoverboardUse your hoverboard as it was meant to be used

You should ensure that you read the instruction manual before you begin using your hoverboard. The manufacturer will have set details of how to use the board safely. You should not attempt to use the board in a way that goes against these rules. You may have seen YouTube videos with people performing tricks, but these will have taken a lot of practice – and the rider might still be putting themselves in danger doing them. Use the board as it was intended to be used.

Wear safety gear

Think about the kind of hoverboard safety gear that you would wear if you were using a skateboard – this is what you need to have on when you ride a hoverboard. A helmet, elbow pads and knee pads are essential.

It might seem like a big ask to get your teenager to wear safety wear when they use the hoverboard, but it is still something that is enormously important. Hoverboards can move very quickly – at top speeds some will reach more than 15kph – so falling from one can cause injuries. Make sure that your child knows that they aren’t allowed to ride the hoverboard without safety gear.

Follow standard summer precautions

Enjoying outdoor activities in the summer can be a lot of fun, but you still need follow sensible precautions. This applies to using a hoverboard just as it does to anything else. Make sure that you put on a high factor sun cream if you are going to be outside in the sunshine for a long time and drink plenty of water. You might not think that riding around on an electrically-powered scooter would be tiring, but you are still utilising muscles in order to move the hoverboard.

Following these tips can help to ensure that you have fun on your hoverboard while staying safe at all times.

Six hoverboard safety tips for the summer – words Alexa Wang


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