Designers in Residence at the Design Museum – Exploring Identity

Designers in Residence is an annual initiative set up by the Design Museum to give a platform to some of the most outstanding new designers as they set out on their careers.

The designers all come from very different backgrounds and approaches but what they have in common is a bold and unique take on design.



This is the 6th year of the programme which has become a fundamental part of The Design Museum’s belief in supporting and encouraging the best and brightest newcomers to the design industry. In the words of  Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum, “This year, the Designers in Residence 2013 programme will explore of how design in any field can be used to convey, to create, or to reflect a sense of identity.”

This year’s Residents were selected through an open call asking designers to respond to a brief to create a piece of work based on the theme of ‘Identity’. The designers were invited to explore how design can be used to convey, create or reflect a sense of identity through an object or experience. The cream of the entries are showing as part of the exhibition and will be giving talks and interacting via blogs.

Adam Nathanial Furman’s pieces with their bold, vivid colours and sculptural shapes have a joyous dreamlike quality. He’s exploring our notions of identity through a cabinet of curiosities using objects created from 3D printing and clip casting. The work on show takes us on a fictional journey through an imagined person’s quest to find their own unique identity. Adam has documented his residency on his blog Identity Parade which features as part of the show.

The geometric structure apparent in Eunhee Jo’s work is visually striking. Jo likes to explore the surface quality of objects. For her residency she has developed new surfaces constructed of fabric or paper that have been embedded with digital technology. The resulting pieces inter-relate with each other including a hi-fi system, light arrays and circuitry. So what we may at first see as everyday objects take on a new role and create new possibilities.

Chloe Meineck has developed a memory box which people with fading memories and a confused sense of self can fill with precious memories and objects. The box functions as an alternative therapy for patients so they can use the memories contained within to boost their key memories and sense of personal identity.

Digital technology and the internet and how our personal data is stored within is the basis for Thomas Thwaites residency. He looks at how this technology can be used to inform us about ourselves and our identities. He has invented a series of products that might help us alter and develop our behaviour and ultimately our identities if we so desire.

Designers in Residence takes place at the Design Museum until 12 January 2014. More information is available at the show website.
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