The Ultimate Guide To Help You Plan A Brilliant Business Event Today

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Planning your very own business event can no doubt be extremely beneficial for your team, as you use your event as an opportunity to sell yourself and your ideas while attracting considerable attention and cementing your reputation. Putting on an amazing event is such an effective way to develop your team and start spreading the word about your brand or department. However, it’s fair to say that to those who have never planned a business event in the past, it can often seem like a near impossible feat that takes an enormous amount of time and money to achieve. 

Fortunately it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might initially expect to organise the most memorable commercial event that can boost your team or business like never before. This guide contains some of the most essential and effective steps that you can follow today to boss your project and achieve total success when you host your next business event! So, what are you waiting for? If you want to find out more, then check below to uncover some of the best tips, tricks and ideas that you can utilise today to put on an amazing event that your audience will remember for all of the right reasons. 

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Finding The Most Suitable Location & Booking An Amazing Venue

Finding the most suitable location and booking an amazing venue are two of the most critical steps that you need to take to plan a successful business event. There are so many different factors that can have an influence on the decisions that you make with regards to location and venue, starting off with the basics. The date on which you would like to hold your event will influence your options due to availability, as will the number of guests you expect to attend as you’ll need to find a large enough space that can accommodate your audience. To add to this, it’s more than likely that cost is going to be a factor that you bear in mind too, as leasing out an entire venue will likely be one of the most expensive aspects of your business event as a whole. 

It’s always a good idea to try and choose an event venue that boasts the most accessible location. This means that the building you choose needs to have main roads close by, as well as having some train or bus stops within walking distance to allow for easy travel. It’s highly unlikely that every guest lives nearby to your venue, so just factor in the need for easy travel arrangements to make sure that your audience are actually motivated to attend. It’s almost important to make sure that the venue you choose has a reasonable volume of facilities that can help you to lay the best foundations for a great event. This can include things such as a great lighting setup and a superfast internet connection so that you can give the best presentation that grabs your audience’s attention. 

It’s recommended that you can take the opportunity to identify several possible options for your event venue, as this will allow you to book viewing appointments for each so that you can take a fill looking around the venue and meet any staff that will be working during your event before you make a final decision. You’ll never be able to decide if you only check simple photographs online, as you need to see the venue in the flesh to see whether you really want to book it. Always read through a few reviews that have been left by previous event hosts who have held their events in the venue in the past, as this could assist you with deciding whether you have made the right choice for your business event space. 

Sourcing The Best Equipment & Materials That Will Help Your Event Stand Out From The Crowd 

When you’ve been able to book the perfect venue, it’s time to start sourcing the best quality equipment and materials that you need to put on a brilliant event and really stand out from the crowd. Start off with your presentation or pitch (depending on your event type), as this should be the main aspect of your event. Finding a PowerPoint presentation agency to help you create the most amazing presentation is such an effective option to explore, as this way you can have total confidence that your presentation will blow your audiences socks off. You’ll probably need a PC or tablet of some kind that you can use to link up to a projector to show your presentation or any videos, so be sure to source a reliable device that won’t conk on the day of your business event. 

Next, take the time to think about any other technological devices that you might benefit from during your business event, like a set of surround sound speakers and a quality, clear microphone that you can utilise to address your audience with clarity and confidence. Make sure you offer sufficient seating and table space too, as guests won’t want to stand around uncomfortably whilst they’re trying to concentrate on your presentation. Don’t forget to dress your venue to make it look more aesthetically pleasing and relevant too, as you can coloured balloons that match your brand logo, or create banners that boast your event name and slogan. 

Finding The Right Staff For Your Business Event 

It has to be said that finding the right staff for your business event could either make or break your project. You need to source a quality group of talented individuals that can help you to push your event towards total success, making it as memorable as possible for all of the right reasons. It’s always going to be best to source a team that has previous experience with business events, especially those in your industry, as it’s going to be so time consuming and stressful to attempt to train your team on the day when you have so many other things to handle. Make sure that the team you employ for your event is as positive and approachable as can be, as first impressions and interpersonal skills are absolutely vital during a business event. Find staff who are confident and sociable rather than being quiet and shy. 

Don’t Forget To Advertise & Market Your Business Event To Attract Sufficient Attention!

Last but by no means least, you must not forget to advertise and market your business event if you want to achieve total success. Channeling such a large volume of time, energy and money into planning a great business event will no doubt be such an enormous commitment, so to have it all go to waste when no guests turn up at your venue will be the worst disappointment that could discourage you from wanting to try any further. Advertising and marketing your event doesn’t have to be difficult, as you simply need to adapt your efforts to suit your target audience. If you want to inspire other business professionals in your industry to attend your event, then it’s a good idea to advertise on business networking platforms (like LinkedIn), or even on social media. You can also hand out leaflets in your local area, or decorate the venue itself on the day to make sure all of your guests know exactly where to head to. 

Planning a brilliant business event isn’t going to be easy, but it will certainly be worth it when you can improve your reputation as an individual and team. 


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