How to maintain a sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle?

How to maintain a sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle? – words Al Woods

eco fashionSustainable living on an individual basis can have a huge impact on the health of our environment. But, it doesn’t require as much work as you may think.

Big or small, all of our choices affect the global ecosystem. Here are a few ways to build a sustainable lifestyle that you can stick to.

1. Turn Planting Trees into a Hobby

If you’re looking for an impactful and positive way to spend your free time, think about planting some trees.

Trees help to reduce carbon emissions and pollution while purifying the air we breathe. Even on a small scale, you can help to combat deforestation and smog accumulation.

If you don’t have space for trees on your property, there are organizations that can plant trees on your behalf. Most simply require a small donation.

2. Scrap Single-Use Packaging

In just one week, how many single-use plastic wrappers, cups, and straws do you end up tossing in the trash?

Bringing your own bags and containers can dramatically reduce the amount of trash you create on a regular basis. Carrying a to-go kit can help you eliminate the need for wasteful take away products.

Invest in a sturdy set of tools, such as a reusable shopping bag, insulated cup, and set of utensils. Some companies even offer a discount for customers who provide their own containers.

3. Establish in a Recycling System in your Home

Even if you live in an area without a municipal recycling service, you can still reduce your waste production at home.

Find out what you can and cannot recycle by calling local waste management centers. You can then set aside a few bins to separate materials, such as plastics, glass, and paper products.

If you have a garden or planting area, you can even collect food waste to use as compost. Everything from banana peels to coffee grounds can help your plants or flowers thrive.

sustainable lifestyle4. Invest in an Energy-Efficient Vehicle

If you can’t walk to take public transportation, the next best solution is to minimize your carbon footprint with an eco-friendly car.

Take the guilt out of your daily commute with a fuel-efficient vehicle.

Driving a conscious car can also earn you other benefits, besides helping to save the environment. You can reduce your fuel costs, and you might even be able to take advantage of the HOV lane.

5. Rethink New Clothing Purchases

Many fast-fashion clothing retailers use manufacturing and sourcing practices that are unethical and harmful for the environment.

Knowing where your clothes are coming from can help you make more sustainable choices. Do some research into your favorite clothing brands, and choose companies that prioritize sustainable practices.

Also, fight the urge to shop on impulse. Give yourself time to fall in love with an item before you buy. Consumption for the sake of it can lead to buyer’s remorse and misinformed purchasing.

Take some time to research the items on your wish-list. If possible, wait a day or two before committing. Making sure that you only purchase what you truly love will keep you from wasting closet space, or simply throwing out your clothes altogether.

6. Make Second-Hand Stores the First Stop

Whether you’re in the market for a slow cooker or writing desk, hit thrift stores and consignment shops before buying new.

In many cases, second-hand stores are full of near-perfect items that are simply no longer needed by their original owners. You can often find great brands at a fraction of the price, just without the tag attached.

7. Use Lists to Reduce Food Waste

Do you find yourself tossing out a package of soft celery or wilted spinach just about every week?

Reduce your food waste by tailoring your grocery list to a planned set of recipes. Organizing your meals for the week will help you understand exactly how much food you need.

Sticking to a list will also prevent you from impulse shopping. You’ll be much more inclined to ignore the snack aisle if you enter the store with a game plan.

Creating – and maintaining – a greener lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult. Keeping your consumption and waste production in mind will help you find eco-friendly solutions for your personal lifestyle and circumstances. Just a few changes can make a world of difference.

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