How to stay cool in flame resistant clothing

How to stay cool in flame resistant clothing – words Alexa Wang

flame resistant clothingFire resistant outfits are made of using fabrics which are non-conductive to fire. It protects you from any hazards related to heat, fire, plastic and chemicals. These clothes are safe to wear and Flame resistant clothing is infamous for its heavy insulation.

Due to this fabric becomes less breathable. But to make it fresh, you cannot wear loose-fitting, baggy clothes which can be a poor choice for anyone who is exposed to fire, arc flames etc. Heat is dangerous for anyone working in the outdoor location. Businesses and contractors are supposed to take care of their employees from heat exhaustion.

Therefore to avoid getting trapped in excess heat and stay cool in FR clothing here are the points.

First of all, let’s discuss heat exhaustion. It takes many forms and works differently for each worker.


Dehydration and body overheating are the two most common effects due to excess heat. Body overheating can cause heat stroke, heat syncope, heat cramps, heat rashes and more. Similarly, dehydration has specific effects like stress and heat exhaustion, dizziness and muscle spasm.

Among all the symptoms the most dangerous one is heat stroke it should be taken care as soon as you see any signs. The quick response is required but as we know precaution is better than cure. Equipping your entire worker with right gear clothing decreases the exhaustion of heat.

Therefore let’s talk about the precautions that we can get from FR clothing. Certain clothes are designed for keeping workers and employees fresh in the heat and working conditions. For these, total heat loss we should see the rating should be very high. Then only fabric will emit more heat and leave the wearer of those garments cooler. Listed below are some of the most fashionable clothing for FR which is available in the market. They come in a wide variety of styles and shapes.

All of them feature qualities related to FR which are light weight, for example:

  • FR coveralls
  • FR shirts
  • FR Hi-Vis
  • FR base layers
  • FR hoods and
  • FR gears

Therefore to stay cool you should choose light weight, breathable and comfortable clothing is important. Heavy clothing not only causes employees to sweat more and overheat. These all light clothing’s are highly durable, wick able, breathable, soft and comfortable in nature. FR shirts are strong and durable. Light weight FR Hi-vis is comfortable than wearing multiple layer of FR apparel.

Base layers are one of the important layers that need to be breathable. Providing dual purpose is the main function of fire resistant base layer clothing. As they keep employee comfortable also provide an extra layer of protection. These clothing is extra soft and helps to regulate employee’s body temperature.

FR clothing is mandatory as per OSHA apparel requirements. If the employers choose not to opt for FR apparel, then OSHA can take actions against them. Employers should check for the repair, tear, wear, cleaning or replacement of the clothing every day as per OSHA requirement and standards. Employers should also verify all the clothing is FR labelled or not and if it is a proper fit. It enhances employee safety during the job. Any loose, oversized or undersized garments are not allowed because it will increase the danger on the work site.

Therefore, while you are working in this industry which is hazardous and any explosion can happen, it is important to keep yourself safe by wearing fire resistant clothing. Also make sure that they are of light weight and do not make you feel uncomfortable and heavy due to multiple layers.



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