The rising popularity of online backgammon

The rising popularity of online backgammon – words Al Woods

Before computers and mobile phones, people mostly relied on cards and board games for entertainment. But no matter how archaic these old games might seem, millions of people still prefer them to modern ones.

Backgammon is a perfect example. Despite the fact that it has existed for several millennia, backgammon is still enjoyed among people from all over the world. Not only does this fun board game have a worldwide fan base, but there are also backgammon tournaments where the best players compete against each other for lucrative prizes.

Moreover, the online version of this game is more accessible than ever, and Backgammon Live site come2play is visited by thousands of players on a daily basis.

So what is Backgammon Live exactly and how come that it’s going through a renaissance in the gaming world?


What Is Backgammon Live?

Backgammon Live is a game of backgammon that’s played in real time over the Internet against other online players. You just need to log into your account or start the game as a guest and sooner or later somebody will challenge you.

You don’t necessarily have to play Backgammon Live with strangers. You can create your own game and invite friends and family members to join. In order to play, all you need is a stable internet connection so your game doesn’t get interrupted. On most websites, Backgammon Live is free, so you won’t have to pay anything and you’ll be able to experience unlimited backgammon fun.

Taking Online Backgammon on a Retreat

One of the biggest reasons why online backgammon became so popular is that it’s easily accessible. You don’t need to buy a board or find friends to play with — all you need is the right website. Once you find that, you will be able to start the game in a matter of minutes.

In the ancient world, as well as in the modern one, backgammon is a game of relaxation, one that is played on serene beaches all over the world. Especially in the Middle East, playing backgammon is closely tied to vacationing and relaxing, having a good time with friends.

Especially these days that the online / mobile version is available, it is even more suitable as your perfect vacation companion. It is a great ice breaker and a nice way to approach and meet new people when on retreat by offering them to play a game of backgammon. So you plan a vacation and look for retreats on, don’t worry about traveling alone or attending one of those wellness retreats on your own – with a backgammon app you’ll always be able to make new friends.

While playing online backgammon won’t replace that feeling of throwing the dice and physically moving the pieces, it still looks fairly realistic. If you insist on going old school, you can always pack a board with you, it actually doesn’t take a lot of space.

Getting Better at Your Game

There’s a saying that claims you can only get better if you play against better opponents. This saying originally relates to the game of chess, but it can easily be used for backgammon as well.

The reason why so many players prefer Backgammon Live is that it allows them to challenge themselves by playing against many different players from all over the world. Playing against the same players over and over again can make the game boring and won’t make you any better at it.

Luckily, you can find plenty of different player types on online backgammon sites. Some are amateurs who join the game just for fun, while others include hardcore pros who often participate in live competitions.

The Diversity

Online backgammon websites are so popular because they continually try to keep the game interesting for players. You will usually get to choose between multiple backgammon versions apart from the classic one and learn about new rules as you’re there.

Moreover, these kinds of websites organize various tournaments and offer numerous challenges, prizes, achievements, unlockable content, and other stuff that will have you coming back to the site and playing the game more and more.

Some of these websites are backgammon-specialized, while others include similar board games you can try if you ever get tired of playing backgammon. Games like chess, checkers, Yatzy, etc., can be played against other online players as well.


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