Unique collectibles that are worth your time

words Alexa Wang

A lot of people pride themselves in their ability to collect unique and exotic items. Wealthy individuals collect vintage cars and art pieces. Philatelists collect stamps while others collect exotic species of birds and even plants. Collectors usually have two objectives.

One is to satisfy their artistic and creative yearnings by creating something made beautiful by its uniqueness. The other is to build an impressive collection, which with time, increases in value and which essentially becomes an investment that could fetch a substantial amount of money if sold. There is no end to the things that one can collect. The following are just a few. Unique collectibles

Comic books

Comic books are more popular today than they have ever been owing to the widespread adaptation of comic book characters in film and television productions. The DC and Marvel franchises are now world wide phenomena. Today, the original comic books from years past are worth more than their weight in gold. In 2014, an Original copy of Action Comics 1 from 1938 sold for over $3 Million. The rarer the book, the higher its value. If you can’t get the older ones, there is no harm in collecting the original versions of the new comics. If the current trend is anything to go by, they will one day be rare and valuable.


For coin collectors, coin jars are a receptacle for rare, unique and often, high value coins, mostly from past eras and not for loose change. People also collect challenge coins, which are uniquely designed coins issued and maintained by members of certain organizations and disciplined forces. The presidential challenge coin, issued by the President to service members is an apt example. The coin is used to identify its holder as having achieved an impressive feat in their service or as a member of the issuing organization. Like comic books, the rarer the coin, the higher the value. In 2011, an Indian Head Eagle coin sold for $ 230,000. Therefore, displaying challenge coins can become an interesting topic of conversation. These coins are often stored in glass cases or various kinds of albums. Some coin enthusiasts even create customized displays that can be hung on walls or mounted on shelves.

Unique collectiblesMovie collectibles and action figures

There are movies that never grow old. They become a part of the culture of a generation. Star Wars is perhaps the greatest of these movies that have endured for decades. The impact that Star Wars has had is reflected in the value of the movie’s collectibles and action figures. At one time, a Luke Skywalker action figure sold for $25,000. Action figures from comic books are very common now with all the movies coming out. It might be worth collecting those because someday, they will be rare too.

Sports and music memorabilia

Memorable matches, star players and legendary musicians leave an indelible mark on people’s minds and lives. The tools that famous players used, the jerseys they wore and the instruments that great artists use are viewed as a part of the genius. They sell at very high prices.

unique hobbyThe list provided here is not conclusive. There are other items such as first edition books and watches that can be collected. Whatever one decides to collect, two factors must always inform their collection. These are rarity and uniqueness. If something is of common design and everyone has it, it is not a collectible.






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