Tips for buying perfume for someone else

words Alexa Wang

Looking to treat someone in your life? Perfume is a great way to show someone how much you care, regardless of the occasion. But it is a matter of personal taste – so picking the right fragrance is easier said than done.

Someone could turn their nose up at the thought of a scent you absolutely adore, so it’s wise not to base it on your personal taste alone.

You’ll want to choose something they’re proud to wear – especially if you’re spoiling them with a luxury perfume that’s a real treat. Here are our foolproof top tips to purchasing a fragrance for that someone special in your life.

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Go for safe bet scents

When in doubt, choose popular scents with versatile notes. You can’t go wrong with the classics, especially if they contain subtle vanilla and floral notes. This is much safer than opting for something on the experimental side, as they’re much more likely to wear something soft and delicate on a day to day basis. If you’re browsing online, filter your search by the most popular products to see what’s trending. In store assistants can also help you as and when it’s safe to go shopping in person.

Consider their personality

Gifts should be tailored to the recipient’s preference – and perfume is no different (possibly even more so!). One of the best ways of deciding which scent suits them is to take their dress sense and personality into account. Someone who is bold in their choice of clothing is much more likely to enjoy something on the more daring side, such as a warm oriental scent. Any of your friends who exude effortless, natural charm and laid back vibes may prefer a musk scent, or something on the woody spectrum.

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Take their lifestyle into account

It isn’t just the scent of the perfume that matters, but rather the type. Someone who is always on their feet and has little time to give themselves a second spritz is much more likely to appreciate a parfum, as this type is of a high concentration and tends to last all day. Know a fitness fanatic who just wants a light fragrance to keep them smelling fresh during their workout? An Eau du Toilette should do the trick. Pay attention to the context in which the person is likely to wear the scent and you’ll be on to a winner.

Judge the packaging

While the scent is what matters most, the packaging of the perfume can give you an idea of if the vibe will fit with the recipient. If, for example, you have a friend who loves all things gothic, then they probably won’t want fragrances packed in pink cutesy boxes and vice versa. The packaging also gives you an idea as to what the perfume smells like, so it is  particularly worth paying attention to if you can’t head into a shop to smell it.

Base it off their current choice

Taking their signature scent into account is an important factor, too. If you know the recipient isn’t the type to experiment, tune into the type of scents they usually opt for. Are they known for their love of citrusy delights? Opt for a perfume with notes of zesty lemon or orange. While it may seem harder to choose for someone who doesn’t have a signature style, it actually opens you up to a host of options. Tune into their favourite smells; someone who loves the smell of freshly baked cupcakes will adore sweet vanilla based scents, whereas a person with a passion for strawberries will adore more fruity scents.

While it may seem a difficult feat at first, try not to stress too much about picking out a perfume for somebody else. They’re sure to adore anything you pick out for them when you use our tips and tricks as they’ll show you’ve thought carefully about what really fits them and their lifestyle.


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