8 Top Home Projects to Start Thinking About for Summer

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Building a better home begins and ends with how you plan it. You can buy a great home, even one that’s near perfect, but you always have to know that you need to put some serious elbow grease into projects to truly turn it into the dream house.

Spring is coming soon, and so is summer, and considering that everyone is still very much doing things from home, it means another year you can take advantage of all this free time. It’s a good time to start planning and thinking about what projects you want to get done because you’ll have no excuses this time. The hard part is narrowing down what projects you want to do because there are quite a lot.

It’s easiest to just make lists because it helps us visualize ideas and consider our options. Here’s a list of 8 top home projects you can get started thinking on and making a list of for when you get bored around the house, and need to spruce up your accommodations.

Home Projects

1. Update your patio area.

While you might not be able to host backyard BBQs just yet, it’s a good idea to get working on improving your patio area for when you can have the neighborhood over. In nice sunny climates across the States, it’s important to consider how valuable this space is because it’s used so much, and yours might be lacking. Looking at the possible additions from Alumawood Patio Covers Phoenix, you can see how your patio can use some sprucing up. A little extra furniture, a better BBQ, some nice patio stones, and a cover can all add up for one excellent party area.

2. Build a tool shed.

If you don’t have a shed in your backyard, you’re likely very upset over all the used space in your garage that could hold more relevant stuff like your car. The best solution is to build a tool shed to help alleviate this problem. Now, building a shed isn’t incredibly difficult, and you don’t need to be a master carpenter, but it also requires quite a bit of practice. Thankfully, there are plenty of tutorials out there that can make this project easy to complete. However, if you don’t feel comfortable tackling this project on your own, many shed builders can help. They specialize in constructing and installing sheds of all kinds, making them the perfect choice if you need help building your shed. With their expertise and knowledge in the field, they will ensure a quality job was done perfectly to fit your needs.

3. Create a basement bar.

If you need to improve your rec room in the basement, then a bar is something that can be enticing. Another project that isn’t simple, but also not difficult. It falls in the middle because it all depends on how much of it you can tackle yourself. The plumbing might be difficult, but building a bar top is something you can easily do yourself with the right resources. You can add a kegerator or a mini-fridge, or go with a full-sized fridge. Add good mood lighting, and you’re all set for the best basement on your block.

4. Add a new kitchen backsplash.

Possibly one of the three easiest on this list is changing up the backsplash in your kitchen. The backsplash is that little area of wall between the counter and the bottoms of the cupboards. It might not seem all that important, but a good backsplash adds a lot of character and value to a kitchen. You don’t need much in the way of skill to finish this project, but it’s a good way to modernize the kitchen and give it more texture and depth.

5. Repaint a room.

This one is the easiest on this list. Repainting a room requires just about zero skill, so there’s really no excuse for not doing it. We know you probably already have a room in mind that you’ve been meaning to repaint for months or years, so this is your sign to just go on and do it already. No one wants to look at a nasty pastel pink-colored guest room (sorry, if you do like this color), so it’s about time you do something about it.

6. Change your lighting fixtures.

Your lighting fixtures work for now, but you could be looking to modernize in the same vein as a new backsplash. Wall fixtures and light holders can use some new life to really make your home come together. It’s also a good chance to switch out your old bulbs with more energy-efficient ones to help save money. It might also be a good idea to consult an electrician if you’re going to be doing some serious rewiring. With all that said, it’s a great way to add some more home-appropriate styles of fixtures to get a better vision of your dream home.

Home Projects Summer

7. Replace your flooring.

This one is definitely not easy depending on the size and shape of the room(s) you’re going to refloor, and it all depends on the materials you plan on using. Hardwood is semi-easy because of the boards/planks, but carpet can be difficult as well. They all depend on your skill level and how much you think you can handle, but without question, new flooring is something you should be thinking about as a potential summer project to get started on now. It gives you plenty of time to measure dimensions and start figuring out where to start and what your goal is.

8. Plant a garden.

Ending off this list with another super simple home project is planting a garden. This one takes little to no skill and just requires a lot of patience and learning. Gardening isn’t a walk in the park, but it’s incredibly soothing compared to many of these other projects, which is something you may need if you ended up trying to replace your flooring. Plus, you get to grow whatever you want and could end up with some free fruits or veggies.

Spring and summer are coming up soon enough, and with everyone still doing most of their work from home, it’s not a bad idea to get ahead of the curve and plan a time-consuming and worthwhile project for your home life. This list includes eight possible ideas to help renovate the home in a fun and practical way.



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