5 Things to consider if you’re flying during COVID-19

words Alexa Wang

Traveling won’t be the same after the coronavirus pandemic, that’s for sure. However, the need to fly is becoming more and more like for many people. It’s possible to visit many countries right now, but only by considering some safety tips first.

The first thing you have to consider is that traveling can increase the chance of spreading or getting COVID-19. That’s why many health authorities recommend to postpone the trip and stay home, but let’s be honest, that’s not always possible. Therefore, here you have some tips and tricks to consider if you’re flying during COVID-19.

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1. Research well before booking your flight

Always research everything the country you’re going to is asking. Be sure of the travel requirements and health measures. To do that, you can help yourself with websites like iVisa.com where you’ll be able to see what documents are necessary to enter the country, as well as what other things to take into account when arriving (PCR Test, quarantine, etc.). If you do need a COVID test prior to your trip, a home rapid PCR test in Denver can provide same-day answers, as well as the documentation you need to meet travel testing requirements. At-home tests also enable you to focus on packing or planning for your trip instead of waiting in line at a clinic or testing center.

One thing you should avoid is layovers or far destinations. Try to focus on the countries that are close to you, and remember to check the airline’s website once you book your flight. This way, you’ll be able to see the airline’s health requirements as well.

2. ALWAYS wear your mask

You have to wear your mask every time, not only when arriving at the airport, but also inside the plane and once you land at your destination. Keep in mind that most airlines ask their passengers to wear masks every time, but the only exception is when eating or drinking.

The mask is essential not only to protect you from catching COVID-19 but also to prevent spreading the virus to other people, especially if you’re asymptomatic. Many people don’t know they’re asymptomatic, which is why wearing a mask becomes a must.

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3. Carry your hand sanitizer everywhere

Don’t forget your hand sanitizer when traveling, even if you can use the bathroom on the plane. A hand sanitizer is still a helpful tool for when you’re not washing your hands. However, washing your hands is still better whenever possible.

But, since we know that flying during COVID-19 can be chaotic and troublesome, it’s always a good idea to carry hand sanitizer everywhere. Plus, it won’t take you much time to use it.

4. Don’t forget about social distancing

Flying during COVID-19 can be stressful when thinking about social distancing, but it’s actually easy if you remember the 6-feet apart rule. That is, to keep six feet of distance between yourself and other people, but you have to follow this rule as often as possible.

Remember that once you’re on the plane, you might not be able to follow this rule, which is why wearing a mask becomes a must. Nonetheless, while you’re in the airport or on your way to the airport, try to stick to it to avoid issues.

5. Reconsider your travel if necessary

Lastly, don’t forget to check if the place you’re going to has a high contagion rate. In that case, might be important to reconsider this trip and postpone it or change the location.



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