Viking wedding preparation tips: What to include at your Viking wedding

Viking wedding preparation tips: What to include at your Viking wedding – words Al Woods

Wedding themes are trendy nowadays—it’s a reflection of the couple’s passion and interests. You might have seen a lot of different ones from Game of Thrones to Star Wars inspired wedding themes but have you ever heard about a viking wedding? If you want your wedding to be memorable and at the same time strikingly impressive, you might want  to consider this Viking wedding idea.

Here are the details you need to include in your wedding preparation:

  1. Make it an outdoor event

If you want your wedding to display a Viking theme, you might want to bring it out and do the setup outdoors. Some ideas are setting it up beside a lake or a cliffside setup. Vikings are seafarers so to put up the mood; it’s best to incorporate it with a body of water.

If an outdoor wedding is not possible, you might want to choose a reception venue that has a wooden and rustic theme. You can quickly transform it into a Nordic ship theme.

  1. Use animal horns and heads as an accent

Vikings are famous for their horn helmets and drinking horns. You can also include these elements as accents in your wedding if you think wearing helmets and drinking wine from horns isn’t too much to handle.

  1. It’s all about the wood

One distinct feature of a traditional Viking wedding is that almost all accents are made of wood. From tables, chairs and other reception accents will complement well with your theme. Vikings are famous for their ships, so you might want to envision a boat that will hold a wedding. From there you can be creative in designing the table accents. You can use twigs, wooden plates and a touch of dark green or gold to accentuate and to break the monochromatic effect of wood.

  1. Use yellow light

If you’re holding your wedding at night, one of the best ways to make it more dramatic is by using the light source during old times—fire. You can incorporate it by using candles and torches in your setup. If you’re worried that fire is too dangerous and can cause accidents on your special day, you can use yellow light bulbs as a substitute.

  1. Create a runestone- inspired invitation

A runestone is another definitive structure in the Viking age. It’s a huge piece of rock that is carved with a runic inscription. Runestones are essential in the culture of the Vikings since it tells a lot of stories on their religion, traditions and even expeditions. A wedding invitation is like telling a story to your guests, so might as well adopt the old way of how Vikings tell stories. Ask your invitation designer to lay it out on a special gray paper to create an effect that it’s written on a stone.

  1. Wear a Viking cloak on your special day

For brides, if you still want to stick with the traditional white wedding gown on your big day, you can add some interesting details in your look. If you’re planning a Viking-inspired wedding, you can amp up your theme by wearing a cloak or cape that matches your wedding gown. So instead of using a veil and make your trail longer, you can opt for a lace cloak that will make your wedding gown more unique.

Stay true to your theme by choosing the best Viking outfits for your wedding day. Get married in a beautiful Viking underdress, the groom in the traditional tunic and trousers; the bridal party and the guests must be in on the theme too.

For your hair, you can wear your hair down with small braids as an accent. You can also use gold twist headbands.

If you get married in the winter months, instead of a lace cloak you can use a formal cover-up made out of fur that will not just keep you warm but will also go well with the theme.

  1. Bloody red, gold, chestnut brown, and ivory are your go-to colors

Your theme should be a mix of red, gold, brown and white. These are the colors that are distinct in a Viking-inspired wedding. You can also include dark moss to break up the colors. When mixing the colors to a single element, make sure that it won’t look confusing.

  1. Include a grazing table

If you want to go all out to have a Viking wedding, you can serve your appetizers on a grazing table just like what feasts look like during these times. Also, if you’re going all out for the Viking theme, you can also serve a whole roasted pig to be the highlight of the feast. Choose a wedding caterer that can pull off these types of special requests. 

Final thoughts:

A viking inspired wedding can be both simple and intricate at the same time. You have to work on the details thoroughly for it to work out, but at the same time, it’s very laid back. Following these tips will make your Viking inspired wedding memorable for you and your guests.


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