A totally different lifestyle: How to embrace veganism

A totally different lifestyle: How to embrace veganism – words Alexa Wang
Being a vegan is a really hot press topic right now, and with many people discussing the health benefits or a vegan diet alongside the good it can do is great. Some people don’t realise that being a vegan isn’t just about the food that you eat and your diet, but it is other aspects and everything to do with animal cruelty. So how can you ensure that you follow the lifestyle correctly? Here are some of the ways you can embrace being a vegan aside from changing the food that you eat.

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Learn as much as you can

One of the first things that you should consider doing is to learn as much as you can. The diet can be completely different, and you may not be able to get nutrients from your usual sources. Being knowledgeable on all things to do with veganism, from the change in lifestyle, to the type of diet you need to have can help you to make more informed choices as time moves on.

Think about what you drink as well as what you eat

It isn’t just about the food that you eat, and often what we don’t think about is that other things such as what we drink will need to be checked as to whether or not they are appropriate to consume. Wine, for example, has other ingredients in it that may not fall in line with the vegan way of life. However, these days all products and drinks will be able to advertise through their ingredients list, and through certifications, whether or not they are vegan friendly.

Your everyday products may need a refresh

You may not realise it, but other products that you might use daily might need to be thought about. Make up, for example, can be used a lot with animals because of the testing elements. So buying vegan friendly makeup could be another change you need to make, and consider products like dermacol invisible fixing powder could be a good place to start. The things to consider might be the shampoo you use, or even things like deodorant. The everyday items and the brand syou are used to, may not necessarily be appropriate with this new direction in lifestyle you are taking on.

Start of slowly as it can be a big lifestyle change

One of the hardest things to do would be to ensure that you make the changes slowly. Of course, it might depend on exactly where you stand right now. Switching to Vegan might only require a few changes, but for some people it may require you to make big changes to your diet and how you do things, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Slowly phase out certain foods if needed, or just simply try and do things with a balance.

The clothes you wear

Finally, you may also need to take into account some of the things that you wear. Leather isn’t appropriate because of the nature of it, so make sure that you think of these things and be considerate of your choices moving forward.

Let’s hope these tips help you on your way to this lifestyle change.



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