If you’re travelling to Europe this summer be sure to take this card

If you’re travelling to Europe this summer be sure to take this card – words Alexa Wang

Thousands of holiday goers are expected to travel on holiday to Europe this year. With many famous destinations throughout the continent (whether it’s the colosseum in Rome, the Nou Camp in Barcelona or the Eiffel Tower in Paris) no wonder Europe is the most visited region in the world. If you are planning on travelling to Europe this summer it is essential to make sure that you have the relevant key documents should you ever need to use them.

It is true that the preparation that goes in to your trip to Europe this year is not going to be all fun and games but it’s definitely not half as bad as arriving at the airport only to realise that you’ve forgotten your passport and can’t get on the plane as a result!

(as a famous man named Benjamin Franklin once said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”)


What Documents Will I need?

A no brainer really, but a passport is essential for you to traverse between different countries. Make sure that it is valid over six months otherwise you could possibly be refused entry in to certain countries. For protection purposes, it is advisable to have a photocopy of your passport on you and to carry another form of identification in case you lose your passport.

If you are planning on hitting the open road throughout the many scenic routes that Europe has to offer, or simply need a car to get yourself from A to B, an international driver’s licence would definitely come in handy. It may be the case that this licence is mandatory if you want to rent or purchase a new set of wheels in another European country. Having an international driver’s licence can also serve as an alternative form of identification.

It is always a good idea to cover yourself should the unthinkable happen and you fall ill during your European stay this year. The best way to do this is to apply for or renew your European Health Insurance Card (or EHIC for short). Your own EHIC will grant access to state provided healthcare on the same lines as a citizen from the same country. Remember to take this card with you just in case you need to use it!

How to Store and Carry Documents

Bearing in mind that the majority of the previously explained documentation would be vulnerable to water damage, we strongly suggest that you carry all documentation in some kind of waterproof plastic folder. For all techies planning on a European vacation this year, you can even consider storing this kind of data on a USB stick but remember to carry the USB in a safe and secure manner. Remember to protect your data too, by setting up a password for example.

If you’re travelling to Europe this summer be sure to take this card – words Alexa Wang




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