Top Tips to Follow If You Are Traveling With Your Pet

words Alexa Wang

It is a well-known fact that pets are undeniably a part of the family, and taking them on vacation is a complete must. Packing and traveling can be stressful on their own no matter the circumstances. Taking your pet on a family trip demands a completely new list of things you need to take with you. 

Now, you have to consider packing necessary equipment, food, checking hotel pet policy, pet passport, and you also need to check the pet policy of the country you are heading to. If these conditions are fulfilled, and you still want to take your pet on the trip, here is a short list of tips you might find helpful. 

Traveling With Your Pet

Keep Your Pets Comfortable 

Even though it is tempting to give your pet loads of space and comfort in your car during the trip, transporting them in crates, in their defined space, where they are most comfortable, is a much better option. 

Besides this, it is much better to keep them in crates because of security reasons. It is not secure for your pets, and you, that your pet roams around the car. 

Additionally, if you want to spend time with your pet during the vacation, and want them to spend time with you during certain activities like bike riding, for this occasion you will need a specialized trailer that will keep them safe. There is a whole variety of trailers that are suitable for different sizes and species, so it is very smart to check reviews and see what is the best option. 

Keep Your Pets Hydrated 

Without a convenient source of water, your pet can easily dehydrate and it can lead to some greater problems that will not benefit either you or your pet. If it is not possible to attach a bowl of water inside their crate, then you should stop frequently, and hydrate your four-legged friend. Alternatively, you can feed your pet wet food instead of dry. Wet food contains more water than dry food, and has all the necessary components that will keep your pet well-hydrated. 

Reduce Amount of Food You Feed Your Pet With 

Stress is inevitable in any situation, and so it is for your pets. They can suffer some anxiety because of the trip, which can result in their stomach being upset. Even if your dog does not seem upset, some motion sickness will not give a positive result, so you should think of their meal reduction before the trip. It does not mean that you should cut their regular meals, just to reduce the amount of food you are feeding them with. 

Additionally, if you want to make the trip more comfortable for your pet and you, then you should skip the last meal before the trip. This will not starve them, just make them feel better during your journey. 

Traveling With Your Pet


If you are planning a long-distance trip with your pet, a mandatory thing for the trip is proper paperwork. Most places require your pet to have an up-to-date health certificate, issued by a professional veterinarian. Your pet’s veterinarian will make sure and will check if your pet has everything that is required by the country you are heading to. Additionally, if you are going by plane, then you should contact the air company and see if there is some extra paperwork that you will need to bring for the safe transportation of your furry friend. 

Don’t Overflow Them With Toys 

It is completely fine to give your pet as many toys as they want. But, at home. During the trip, it is not the safest thing you can do for your pet. By overflowing their crate with toys, you will not give them enough space for themselves. Avoid giving them tiny toys, so that you can avoid choking hazards. It is enough to give them their favorite toy, to keep them busy during the ride, but it certainly does not mean to bring all the toys you have. 

Never Leave Your Pet Alone in the Car 

Do not ever leave your pet in the car, especially during summer. This will make them go through overheating and will most probably have a fatal outcome. On the other hand, they can suffer a great amount of anxiety if left alone for a long time. 

Taking your pet on a trip is certainly an amazing experience and a perfect chance to capture memories together. But, before you set out on the road, make sure that you did everything it takes for them and you to have a great time. 


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