5 things to include when redesigning your garden

5 things to include when redesigning your garden – words Alexa Wang

Sometimes it can feel like our gardens are never finished – plants wither and die, our personal taste changes so furniture needs upgrading, fences need repairing and replacing, and so on.

With summer approaching, you might be thinking about redesigning your garden, except this year you want it to be perfect and last for longer than one season.

The first step in a redesign is simple enough. Stand facing your garden and think about what you like and dislike. Once you’ve done this, consider what you’d like your garden to look like and what items you need to make that vision a reality – go with what springs to mind instantly. If you’re a little stuck for inspiration, we’ve compiled a short list of five things to include when redesigning your garden.


Patio seating area

Seating is a hugely important aspect of your garden and creating that comfortable space to relax in will completely transform your experience in your outdoor space. A dining table set on the patio will draw you in on those warm days and evenings to enjoy the great outdoors and admire your new garden redesign. Invest in an umbrella parasol to keep you shaded from the heat and to keep the wind and rain away. Soften the edges of your patio seating area with flowers beds. Adding scented candles creates a lovely relaxing atmosphere and makes for a great entertainment space when hosting friends and family.

A retaining wall

Adding a retaining wall or walls to your garden can create some structure to your outside space, and help with the layout of the area. These are walls that are typically low in height but can be used to hold flowers and vines, making them look good all year round. They can also be used to border and section off an area around a patio, establishing a clear divide between paving and lawn, and even as additional seating for when you are entertaining in your garden.

Varied textures

Texture is very important to a garden, especially when it comes to color. If you repeat a texture through your entire garden it will create consistency but too much of the same texture can get boring. Don’t be afraid to mix it up with river rocks and different planters.


An obvious one, yes, but that’s why it needs a mention. If you’re bored with the same old everyday plants/flowers, while you’re redesigning your garden, mix it up and try something completely different. Include plants that will entice people to take a closer look at some – colours and styles that grab their attention. If you need some inspiration, we’ve listed five of the most interesting plants you garden needs:

  • Guinea Hen Flowers
  • Bat Flower
  • Red button ginger
  • Protea
  • Sensitive Plant

Add containers

Containers are great as you can move them around and create color in whatever spots you like, especially when some plants go out of bloom. This makes it easy to rearrange your plants whenever you choose, as they’re portable. Why not take it to the next level by color coordinating your plants and the container, such as a burgundy pot with a rich red coloured plant or flower? Take a look at how to care for potted plants the best way here.

There you have it – the very beginning of your garden redesign. Now you have the basic items, everything will fall into place so you can construct the perfect garden this summer. Your garden is your pride and joy astoriastone.co.uk have a range of different paving supplies if you were thinking of re-designing your garden.

5 things to include when redesigning your garden – words Alexa Wang



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