The importance of nutrition to our health in our daily lives

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We all know that if you are an unhealthy weight, addressing your diet is one of the most important things you can do to become healthier. Equally, it is also well known that if you are an athlete at any level, good nutrition helps you to reach your goals.

However, for people who don’t have a pressure to focus on what they eat because of their weight or to support an active lifestyle, it can be easy to get into less than healthy eating habits and to fail to notice the small negative impacts a diet of unhealthy processed foods can have on daily life.

Here are some of the reasons that show us the importance of nutrition to our health, no matter what their current level of fitness or their activity level:


Nutrition and Brain Power

If you find it hard to focus at certain times in the day, your diet could well be to blame. A surprising amount of the energy used by your body every day is used by the brain, and certain nutrients are key to keeping neurotransmitter functions healthy. For this reason, a lot of people who rely on their concentration and brain power in their jobs, hobbies or sports, from mathematicians to professional poker players, take nutrition as seriously as body builders and athletes. There is a whole field of nutritional study devoted to nutrition that helps the brain, known as nootropics. Lots of foods have nootropic benefits, including fish that is rich in fatty acids and nuts, seeds, and some fruits. There are also nootropic supplements available for people who want a boost in these nutrients without changing their diet. People who eat a diet that supports the brain tend to feel more focused throughout the day.

Food and Stress

As well as improving brain function, good nutrition can help combat stress. Most people these days experience times when they feel stressed and exhausted, and although a healthy diet and good exercise can be key in fending off the worst physical effects from stress, it is usually when we are stressed that we turn to less healthy processed ‘comfort foods’. By eating a good diet that provides enough energy released throughout the day, and a good balance of nutrients, the body is in better conditioned to withstand busy periods. People also generally sleep better when they eat a satisfying diet that doesn’t put strain on their digestive systems at night.

Digestive Health

Poor digestive health can lead to bloating and discomfort, a slower metabolism, and an all round sluggish feeling. Diet contributes significantly to digestive health and the healthy gut bacteria that help support your immune system and keep you functioning at your best. A diet that irritates the stomach and digestive system as a whole, for instance a diet low in fiber or high in very acidic things, can cause a range of digestive problems from constipation to acid reflux, which will have an effect on your general wellbeing. Go to for detailed guides and articles on acid reflux.

These are just three of the areas of your body and life that can be improved beyond measure by eating a balanced diet consisting mainly of whole foods.

words Arron Wintor



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