Spruce Up Your Blank Walls With These 6 Creative Ideas

words Al Woods

If your home’s walls look bare and tired, then it’s time that you changed that. Sprucing up the interior of your house doesn’t need to be challenging. All you need is a little bit of motivation and some creativity. Make sure that when you are designing your house and taking this post’s points into consideration, you tailor each one to your home’s theme. Every house has a theme. If you don’t create a sense of uniformity in your home’s design, then it will look strange and even unwelcoming.

Here are six creative ideas for sprucing up your home’s blank walls:

Creative home Ideas


If your home’s walls are bare, then a good way to spruce them up is to add photographs of you, your family, and places that you have been to them. A house doesn’t feel like a home when it’s devoid of photographs of the people that live in it. In the words of frame distributors EasyFrame, you can order custom frames according to your personal specifications. What this means is, that no matter how large or wide your family photographs are, you can order a frame that’s custom made just for them. The difficulty in acquiring frames is actually one of the main reasons that many people do not put up pictures of themselves and their families. This doesn’t have to be an issue anymore. If you don’t want to put up pictures of you and your family, then you could put up stock pictures.


Paintings are a good alternative to photographs. If you are going to put up paintings in your house, then make sure that you put a lot of thought into selecting them. Some people just blindly buy paintings because they want some, but don’t take the time to look at the actual artwork and appreciate it. A good place to find antique paintings for a reasonable price is at art fairs and antique shops. Alternatively, you can buy a modern painter’s artwork on their website or on websites like Etsy and eBay.


Wallpaper can add a lot of charm and character to your home’s interior. A lot of people overlook the beauty of wallpaper and instead choose to paint their walls. This is mostly because wallpaper is associated with elderly people and country cottages. An ultramodern apartment can still make good use of wallpaper, however. If you don’t want to wallpaper your entire home, then you could apply wallpaper to a single wall. Adding wallpaper can be expensive, however, especially if you are ordering it from a company that prints to order. Make sure that the wallpaper you buy matches your home’s interior.

Accent Wall

If there’s a single wall in your home that looks very bare, then you could turn it into an accent wall. In Japanese interior design, it’s very common for every house to have a wall that is decorated according to the current season. This design often involves putting up a seasonal Sumi-e (painted scrolls), and seasonal flowers below them. If you would like to make your home look Japanese in design, then this is a good way to do it. You can also use very large paintings or unique pieces of art to create an accent wall in your home.


If you have a lot of money to spend on sprucing up your home’s walls, then you could invest in tapestries. Tapestries can be very expensive if they are handmade and authentic. You can pick them up for next to nothing if you buy machine-made ones, though. An alternative to tapestries is the placement of antique carpets. Antique silk carpets, like Tabriz ones, for example, are very popular in interior design. If you are going to put any kind of fabric wall hanging up, make sure that you regularly clean your house and check for the presence of clothes moths.

Creative home Ideas


One last thing to consider is putting up bookshelves. While bookshelves aren’t a form of wall art, they are still great at covering up blank walls and making homes look more lived in. If you are going to use bookshelves to cover up your home’s walls, then make sure that you also invest in books. You can buy bulk, job lots of books online quite easily. Make sure that you select bookshelves carefully, matching them to the rest of the furniture in your home. You could also build your own if you have woodwork knowledge and spare time.

Blank walls can ruin your home’s interior design. This article’s guidance should help you to improve your home’s walls and transform your house from a blank canvass to an actual home that feels lived in.


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