Stylish gifts to give the man who has everything

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man who has everything

Gift giving is an art of sorts. It’s not about how expensive the gift is or how well it’s wrapped. It’s always about the value of the gift and the significance it resembles to the person you’re giving it to. It’s also one of the joys of life to give and receive presents, and it never fails to put a smile on people’s faces.

Few things compare to the joy of giving someone something they wanted and watching them smile or cheer because of it. Yet, much as it is fun, it’s not easy to get someone just the right gift. This is especially more so if the man you want to get a gift for has it all, and doesn’t really need anything. Still, it can be done, and with a little careful planning and thoughtful consideration, you can get a man who has everything a stylish gift. These are some ideas.


Most men, even those who have it all, overlook the importance of bags. We’re not talking your average backpack for your laptop or your gym clothes. There are much more stylish bags out there you can get for a guy. Leather messenger bags are always a stylish accessory that can complement any guy’s outfit. There’s also the Dopp kit, a must have for most guys, and you can get some chic waterproof version of it too, which is always useful for frequent travelers to carry all their items.


Yes, you read right, kitchenware. A man who has everything is probably an independent one who knows how to cook a meal, and one of the greatest gifts you can get such a person is stylish kitchen items that would complement the guy’s kitchen and make it complete. A 10″ cast iron skillet is a beauty of an item that would definitely make its owner proud, and you can also get items like silverware collections of spoons, knives, and forks that would add a stylish touch to the dinner table.


Yes, a rich guy probably has a lot of clothes and they’re most likely from the biggest names out there. But that doesn’t mean you can’t buy them a piece here or an item there that they might be missing without even knowing it. It’s all about the taste and style of the items you’ll get. If you get some research done online, you’ll find that there are quite a variety of options to help you pick out something that the man in your life will find special. If you look at DSQUARED2 MENSWEAR you’ll find plenty of clothes that are different from most outlets in that they’re stylish and have a unique design. A t-shirt here or a pair of shorts there would look quite elegant on a well-dressed man. You could also shop around for clothing items they might not have, like a pair of leather gloves or a stylish hat. It’s these little details that take a man’s outfit to a whole new level, and you can be certain they’d really appreciate it.

man who has everything


Let’s face it, no matter how rich you are, you can’t have every watch out there. This is why watches are always an excellent gift for a guy that has everything, because you can never have enough watches and there are millions of them out there in different shapes, colors, and sizes. You have all sorts, automatic, mechanical, quartz, smart, analogue, etc. So, you’d definitely have enough options to go and pick a stylish timekeeping piece. It’s a gift that never gets old and even the richest of men would appreciate a good watch, if they have good taste that is.


Like watches, perfumes come in a huge variety and you can never get enough of them. From Armani to Tom Ford and Hugo Boss, there are countless brands out there and each has its unique fragrance and effect. Find out what the man’s taste is and what perfumes they like, and you’d be able to get them a new bottle they don’t have. It’s an elegant gift that has an everlasting effect, and you can be certain they’d remember you every time they put it on.

A MasterClass all access pass

Items are temporary, but if you help a guy learn a new skill or master one, they’d be forever in your debt. A MasterClass all access pass would cost you around 180 dollars, but the person who has that pass can enjoy classes by the best of the best from all sorts of fields teaching their secrets to the trade, from Gordon Ramsay teaching cooking to Neil Gaiman teaching writing and Serene Williams teaching tennis. The possibilities are quite a few, and with each one they could learn something that might just be the key to their happiness in the next couple of years.


Antique shopping is tricky. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up giving fakes and replicas to a guy who probably can afford to buy the real thing at twice as much money. But if you look around well enough and you know what you’re doing, you can get a man some very stylish items to add to their collection or even use as décor. Always look at thrift shops and second-hand stores. You’d be surprised at the kind of gems you can stumble upon.


Some men find jewellery to be distasteful, and in the wrong hands, they definitely can be. This is where a thoughtful, stylish gift comes in. If you manage to find the right ring, bracelet, or pendant, you could be giving a man a very chic gift that could open their eyes to the world of jewellery out there, and they’d be very thankful for that. It’s not that they can’t afford to get some; it’s that they might not know yet it could work very well for them.

gift for man

Never go for style over substance

Getting a gift for a man that has it all, you need to remember one thing. It’s never about the cost. A rich person can probably afford to buy anything, so it’s not like you’re getting them something they can’t get. It’s about the insight you have into their personality that would help you get them a gift they might’ve never considered getting. In short, you’re getting them a gift because you know them better than they know themselves. And never go for style over substance; they probably can afford to get more expensive styles.

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