5 therapeutic effects of the drums during pregnancy

5 therapeutic effects of the drums during pregnancy – words Alexa Wang

If you are looking for a natural way to relax during pregnancy or with your newborn, the ancient art of beating a drum can do the trick.

Many expectant and new mothers use as drums as a valuable therapeutic tool. But you might think this isn’t the soothing activity for you if you don’t have a musical bone in your body. But even mothers without a talent for rhythm can pick up a few simple drum patterns for newborn baby fun.

Don’t worry if you’re not a music expert – here’s 5 main benefits that this rhythmic therapy can have on you and your baby!

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1. Calming

First and foremost, the act of drumming is inherently calming. Using your own two hands to create sound against a smooth surface is not only relaxing, but also rewarding. You’ll be surprised how quickly you get lost in a rhythm once you’ve learned it. Time will pass quickly, and any stresses from the day will evaporate.

Choosing a drum like the bongo is a great choice for relaxation – it can take your mind to a completely different place, and help you decompress in the comfort of your own home.

2. Anger Management

There is no doubt that pregnancy and motherhood can bring out anger and frustration. While this may be unavoidable, it is important to have healthy go-to activities to resort to when you feel like lashing out.

Drumming is an excellent way to channel negative energy into something beautiful. Let some of your irritation out and make music while doing so – you will be surprised how much better you feel even after a short session!

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3. Mental Health

Another excellent benefit to this instrument is that playing not only reduces stress, but also anxiety and depressive thoughts. Pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood are often clouded by an increase in hormones, which ultimately leads to these stressing symptoms.

Drums can also boost the mind’s capabilities by clearing your head. They’ll sharpen hand-eye coordination, your sense of rhythm, and memory building.

Cymbals are one of the most mentally stimulating of the percussion instruments. The ringing sound and vibrations produced by these simple instruments activates the brain and boosts functioning. These 6 cymbals reviewed from DCP are some of the best cymbals for the brain boost you might need during or following pregnancy.  

4. Connection With Others

Drums are easy to play with a group of people. Some individuals may prefer a solo session similar to meditation, while others work better in a group setting. If you are not one for spending time alone and in solitude, you can create a circle or collaborate with another

Gather some of your closest friends with your little ones to have a fun and healing time while making music. Create a rhythm to follow or just allow it to be a free-for-all; whichever route you choose, you will definitely find some enjoyment in the collective experience – you’ll make your own mommy-baby jam session!

5. Healing Through Sound

For years, scientific studies have proven that sounds created from drums and other percussion instruments are healing.

The sounds that these instruments produce are thought to not only help with stress and other mental pressures but also aid in the healing process of physical ailments and addiction.

Percussion instruments have been used for centuries in rituals and other practices because of this healing nature they possess, both spiritually and physically.

If you have been searching for a healthy and natural way to release some of your built up stress, we can assure you that the healing powers of drumming may be the perfect outlet for you!

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