The Dos and Don’ts When Renovating Your Bedroom

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renovate bedroom

As much as you might love it the way it is now, every bedroom needs a little sprucing up every now and again. Our needs and preferences change over time, and our private spaces should adapt to reflect those changes.

If you have recently decided that your bedroom no longer feels right for you anymore, or if you are spending more time in it now than you ever did before, then read on to find out what you should consider and what you need to be careful about as well before renovating your bedroom.


1. Express Yourself

This is your room and private space, so make it feel that way. You’ll want it to be cozy, which means being surrounded by familiar things that remind you of who you are. Bed covers are great ways to make a statement, and printing technology now allows places like Vision Bedding to print anything onto bed covers. As you can see when you go to their website, customizing your bedding is an easy and inexpensive way to make your bedroom truly unique. It can just be something as subtle as choosing your favorite color, texture, or fabric; it doesn’t always have to be in the form of pictures or objects.

2. Keep It Simple

As much as you want to be expressive, you don’t want to lose track of what it is you’re trying to express. Simplicity goes a long way – there’s an entire school of design called minimalism where the focus is on making the most out of the least materials. By focusing on fewer things, it will be easier to ensure their quality and to make them stand out as centerpieces in a space.

3. Create a Cohesive Look

When making any decision, think about how it will influence other aspects of the room and whether they will all come together to form a whole. It can be anything – for example, if you have a cream-colored centerpiece, you might want one of your walls to echo that color. Or, you might want to integrate a certain fabric, and in that case, you can use it to create a theme, from curtains to cushions and pillows. But don’t just do it at random, make sure that those things are somehow connected in a way that creates a coherent, finished look.

4. Invest In Quality

As the renowned architect John Ruskin once said, although it may be problematic to pay too much, it’s actually much worse to pay too little. If you pay too much, you just lose money, which you can make again over time. But if you pay too little, you risk losing everything because what you bought was so cheap that it ruined everything else. 


1. Blindly Follow Trends

The biggest mistake people commonly make when creating their own space is to blindly copy something that somebody else has done in their bedroom. Do not make that mistake; if you see something you like, use it as inspiration rather than replicating it.

2. Forget You Have a Budget

Everything has a limit, and it’s not always the sky. In this case, part of your planning process should, of course, include budgeting. You want the best kind of space for yourself, but you also want to keep living the same lifestyle. Don’t even think about getting in debt to renovate your bedroom.

3. Crowd And Clutter

Having too many things in your bedroom will distract you from what really matters, and while it may look good to you at first, it will make space much harder to enjoy and relax in. Your bedroom should be a place where you can gather your thoughts and wind down, as well as focus and study if need be. Having things that you don’t need around will definitely distract you and provide a great excuse for procrastination

4. Start Something You Can’t Finish

You can’t just decide to do half your room, only redo the upholstery and not repaint the walls, or anything like that really. You can’t stop halfway, or else, it will show. The point of undertaking any renovation is to bring in a breath of something new, and even though there are bound to be timeless, essential pieces that you will not want to change, everything needs to be thought about as a whole if you want it all to come together in the end.

renovate bedroom

Renovating your bedroom is no small undertaking and will require planning and careful deliberation. There is definitely nothing as satisfying as the challenge of designing your own space, and if you remember to stay true to your style and preferences, then you will end up with a unique and relaxing space that reflects your personality and character.


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