The right menswear – How to make a style statement

Make a style statement with the right menswear – words Alan Woods

The old adage says that ‘clothing makes the man’ and this was never as true as it is in the current times. Earlier clothing and fashion was considered to be mainly a feminine domain, but nowadays mens fashion trends have become equally important.

Whatever be the age of a man, his attire has a lot to do with mood, the persona exhibited and stature in society. However, this is especially true of the adult working male.

This is because men who are involved in jobs that require meeting people inside and outside the organisation are often gauged depending on the right menswear. Power dressing has become a term that is commonly used in men’s fashion nowadays. Even in social situations a man is often evaluated according to the clothes that he wears. This is the reason that most men pay a lot of attention to men’s clothing nowadays.

right menswear

Why menwear is important

Whether you are a creative person, an IT professional, a business owner or belong to any other profession, your clothing has to be such that you do not look out of place. While bright colours are appropriate for a graphic designer, they will look out of place in a corporate office. If you are in a significant position like a manager in your office, then you cannot afford to appear ramshackle or dress carelessly.

You need to be attired according to your profession, so that you create the right first impression on the onlookers. This is especially true for men working in fields like sales and service where they have to regularly meet clients, customers and business associates. In such meetings the other person will form an immediate first impression based on the clothes that you are wearing and it is often difficult to crack the deal if this first impression is a negative one. Then again if you consider the role of a graphic designer or interior designer then his clothes need to reflect his creativity and imagination. Although it may not be necessary to go overboard with loud colours and prints, you definitely will have to dress in a creative manner in order to create a good first impression on your clients which says that you are skilled at creating aesthetic and meaningful designs.

Nowadays most social occasions are also an extension of work and a lot of networking is done during parties and get together. Even if you are simply trying to let your hair down and enjoy, it is necessary to have the right casual party outfits for guys so that you are accepted by the crowd. At such occasions it is advisable to stand out in the crowd and give some leeway to your imagination with your clothing. On the other hand, at a formal party or get together you will have to dress in the right menswear or semi-formal attire in order to create the right impression on the onlookers. Your attire is your style statement and reflects on your tastes, which is why it is important no matter what the occasion.

right menswear

Readymade AND tailor made

When it comes to choosing readymade or tailor made men’s clothing, you need to consider your requirements. On one hand there is the convenience of readymade clothes and on the other hand there is the perfect fit of tailor made ones. Many people have the misconception that ready to wear clothes are less expensive than readymade ones, but this is not the case anymore. This is because some brands of readymade menswear are even more expensive than tailor made clothes. At the same time, if you search properly, you will be able to get tailor made garments that are quite reasonably priced.

Needless to say there is a wide variety of colours and designs in both ready to wear and tailor made menswear. There are clothes to suit every profession, occasion, taste and profession and that too at very reasonable cost.

Shopping online for men’s wear

Of course you can trudge to the market and after visiting several physical stores find the right garment that you wish to buy. However, this involves a lot of effort, time and yes even money. This is because usually online stores save a lot of money because they do not have any overhead costs like electricity bills, staff wages, rent etc. They in turn pass on these savings to their customers in the form of discounts. Then again if you consider variety, a physical store has the limitation of space and often cannot showcase or stock more than a certain quantity of garments. Online stores have no such limitation and hence you get a much wider selection of fashionable garments in them.

While shopping for menswear online you also have the choice of browsing through several stores at the click of the mouse and compare their designs, styles and prices. You can shop from several stores at the same time, sitting in the comfort of your home or office and the garments are delivered to your doorstep. This saves a lot of time and effort and also money because you do not have to travel to any physical store.

Most of the well known brands and even independent small-time menswear manufacturers have realised the potential of the internet and have created a strong internet presence in the form of their own user friendly websites. The payment gateways on these websites are very safe and your personal and financial information is not shared with any third party. What’s more some online stores also offer a cash on delivery option which is quite convenient.

However, when you are shopping for men’s clothing online, you should be careful to conduct some research before you place your order. Try to study as many websites as you can and short list 3-4 of them. Then you can compare these websites for designs, styles, variety, and prices. It is likely that you will find what you require on more than one website. However, make sure to read some reviews regarding the particular online store and brand before you place your order. These reviews are written by people who have already used the stuff from a particular store or brand and you will understand what you should expect from them.

Menswear has become important as a fashion and style statement both in the professional as well as experts. Most people form an impression regarding a man based on the clothes that he wears and this is why you need to dress carefully for every occasion and purpose. It is quite easy to find different designs and styles of men’s garments online if you conduct a little research.

Make a style statement with the right menswear – words Alan Woods

right menswear


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